Thursday, September 13, 2012

1.3.9 - Custom widget opacity + configurable navigation bar location

1.3.9 (09/13/12):
-Holo skins now support changing the location of the navigation bar (top/bottom/left/right)
-Added 'Play Random Album' to the gesture action list and single button remote action list
-Long press of the shuffle button will now play a random album
-Reduced repeats when playing random albums
-Added customizable widget opacity for android 2.2+ (widgets must be readded)
-Embedded album art is now given priority over folder art (must run a clean scan)
-Added an option to set the amount of time to wait to start playback after a bluetooth connection (Prefs -> General -> Headset Prefs -> Bluetooth Resume Delay)
-Added an option to ignore non a2dp bluetooth devices (Prefs -> General -> Headset Prefs -> Detect Only AD2P)
-Added 'length' and 'track title, num, and length' to the displayed tags list for now playing
-Updated ffmpeg to 0.6.6
-Apostraphes are now removed by default for album art searches
-Fixed bug where bluetooth audio would start playing then stop a second later
-Fixed some issues scanning files with no tags (or invalid tags)
-Fixed various crashes
-Fixed issue where every song is in the library twice
-Fixed issue where Prev/Next folder would sometimes not work
-Fixed filename too long error when download album art
-Updated german, spanish, italian, and russian translations