Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Notice to ICS/JB users

As devices have been slowly getting the upgrade to ICS, I have noticed that not all of those upgrades have a completely stable version of opensl.  So if you experience crashing after playing each song or trying to change tracks, or if playback seems to be going in slow motion, you should disable opensl.  1.3.7 added an option to do so (uncheck preferences -> audio -> enable opensl).  This will revert the player to use the decoders from 1.3.5

So far i've seen issues on these devices:
-htc incredible running an alpha jb rom (not being stable is expected for this)
-galaxy s2 with the 4.0.3 update (playback is slowed down for mono 48khz mp3s)
-Cube u9gt2 running 4.0.x (crashes deep in the opensl libraries after every mp3/aac track)

Hopefully this is not an ongoing trend as more devices get updated to ICS