Sunday, July 22, 2012

1.3.6 Released + Skin updates

I was meaning to get this update our earlier in the week but ended up having to work out some stability issues.  During the testing period i was able to make a small change that should give a big visual improvement to older devices.  The background gradient is now MUCH smoother and shouldn't band anymore.

The big change in this update is OpenSL is now being used for mp3/aac decoding for ICS+.  Jelly bean removed the aac decoder that GMMP was using so now opensl is taking over that role.

Also all the skins were updated with new translations and some other minor adjustments.

Note: Amazon users will get this update in a week or 2

1.3.6 (07/22/12):
-Added delete to artist, album, song, and genre views
-Deleted songs, albums, artists, etc are now removed from the database after deleting
-MP3 and AAC are now decoded with OpenSL ES on 4.0+ (HE-AAC v1/v2 now supported)
-Added czech translation

Improvements / Changes:
-Upgraded taglib to 1.8 beta
-Gesture recognition improvements for larger screen sizes
-Smoothed out default background gradient on older devices
-'Always resume when plugged' will now resume if GMMP is in the STOPPED state (previously only worked when paused)
-Playing a folder with playlist shuffle enabled will now start at a random position instead of always the first track
-Playing a folder with many files/subfolders will no longer freeze the UI while it loads
-Leaving the search view will now automatically close the keyboard
-Bookmark long tracks now defaulted to off
-Updated russian and spanish translations
-Lowered background brightness in the scanner and whats new activities

-Fixed playback of multichannel (3-6) flac files
-Fixed AAC playback in 4.1
-Fixed potential crash when enabling tasker integration
-Fixed crash when receiving intents with no data associated with them
-Caught some out of memory exceptions
-Fixed potential skip/stutter when preloading next track
-Fixed the bottom row of text getting cutoff in the 4x1 widget on ICS+
-Fixed issue where newly downloaded skins would not show up in the Skin Selector
-Fixed issue where notifications would no longer update
-Fixed bug where manual crossfade would not respond, preventing you from skiping tracks