Thursday, June 14, 2012

GMMP 1.3 Released! ReplayGain, cuesheet, bookmarking, 6 new skins, and much more.

After about a month and a half of hard work, 1.3 is finally available for download on google play and this blog.  I've gone with the pendulum screenshot for the main image for a long long time and with the new album art as a background feature I decided to pick a new song to use.

1.3.0 (06/14/12):
New Features:
-Added ReplayGain support
-Added single file cuesheet support (.cue files)
-Added manual bookmark option to the now playing menu
-Added auto bookmarking options (Preferences -> Audio -> Bookmarks)
-Added option to remove a song from the active playlist after it is played (Prefs -> Playlist -> Remove After Played)
-Added dsp limiter with customizable attack and release settings (reduces audio distortion and clipping)
-Added EQ and Limiter toggle buttons to the equalizer view
-Added 9 new EQ presets: Bass Max, Bass & Treble, Classical, Techno, Club, Reggae, Soft, Rap, and Metal
-Notification controls added to 3.0+
-The current playing file now has a play indicator next to it in the browser view
-Added menu option 'Jump To Playing' to Browser which will jump to the folder of the playing file
-Support for album art embedded in ogg files
-Added support for album art in WMA files under the 'WM/Picture' tag
-Album artist tag is now read from MPC files
-Added option to use album art as the background (Prefs -> UI -> Album Art Background)
-Added fade in transition when changing album art
-Added 'Gallery' option to the manual album art selector.  This will let you use another app (gallery) to choose the image.
-Added option to ignore tags in the playlist view. Filename is used in the trackname slot and folder is used in the artist slot. (Prefs -> Playlist -> Ignore Tags)
-Added option to show gmmp logo as default album art. Its off by default (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Use Default Cover)
-Added option to start the browser in the folder that the playing file is in (Prefs -> Library -> Browser -> Start In Playing Folder)
-Added option to disable ICS lockscreen controls (Prefs -> General -> Lockscreen Controls -> Disable ICS Lockscreen Controls)

Improvements / Changes:
-Gesture preferences now show the selected gesture action in the summary
-Tag slot preferences now show the selected metadata tag in the summary
-Deleted files are now removed from active playlist after cleaning the database
-Removed Toggle EQ menu option and EQ Status from equalizer view
-'Browse Storage' now shows all the folders in alphabetical order
-ICS lockscreen controls (RemoteControlClient) now includes album art
-Play notifications for 2.3 and below now show Artist and Trackname on separate lines
-Album art selector will now let you delete the current image being used
-Added delete confirmation when clearing the album art cache
-Made scrolling the lists a bit smoother
-Split 'Auto Play/Pause' into 2 seperate options. One for auto pause and one for auto resume.  Both are now enabled by default.
-Added an option to change DSP priority. The DSP used the playback priority previously. Prefs -> Audio -> Dsp Priority
-Local album art search will prioritize images in this order: "cover", "folder", filename containing "front", and finally the remaining images alphabetically
-MPC decoder now uses fixed point math which significantly speeds up processing
-Tags are cached and no longer rescanned when scrolling a folder in the file browser
-Embedded art should now show up when viewing an album's track list
-Translations updated
-Default crossfade time changed from 5 seconds to 1 second
-Xiph tags are now checked when looking for album art in FLAC files
-Embedded album art images are now thumbnailed for the album list view

-Fixed preamp gain calculations (+10db will double volume, -10db will cut volume in half)
-ActionBar is now properly skinned
-Fixed crash when changing tracks with shuffle collection enabled and playback wasnt started yet
-Fixed bug on new installs where the navigation bar's skin gets changed when first opening the preferences
-Playlists with ".." in the filenames should now load properly
-Fixed issue where pressing next track twice would only change tracks once
-Fixed bug when saving/restoring state
-Fixed crash when crossfading to a file that is unplayable
-Cyan and silver skin now show the correct background instead of album art
-Save playlist and save preset edit text box is now skinned
-Fixed crash that can occur in the error log using an external skin
-Fixed delay in pausing on bluetooth disconnect on 3.0+ devices
-Fixed action bar background for main view and about view for external skins
-Fixed crash with crossfade and some mp3 files
-Fixed issue issue where libraries views dont refresh properly when viewing an album
-Fixed issue where the search text box becomes unclickable
-Fixed issue where some FLAC embedded album art would not show

More new screenshots: