Friday, June 29, 2012


Nothing major in this update, just a bunch more fixes.   Just like I did with 1.2.x, I wont be moving on to any major new features until 1.3.x is as stable/bug free as possible.

1.3.4 (06/29/12):
-Files that have invalid metadata and read in as having 0 channels will now default to stereo
-Fixed issue where album art doesnt change when the track changes
-Added support for asus transformer external sdcard path ("/Removable/")
-Improved finding files from playlists made on other devices
-'Playlist' and 'Search' views can now be removed from the navigation bar
-Fixed issue where the playing indicator in the browser would point to the wrong song after deleting the playing track
-Handle possible exception in the ICS lockscreen
-Prev/Next folder now work when no scan folders are defined
-Fixed issues where some mp3 files would playback at a much slower rate
-Stability fixes in the audioengine