Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GMMP 1.2.6 released + info about the next major release

1.2.6 is now live on google play.  It is mostly bug fixes and a few minor changes.  I am really happy with the stability of 1.2.x now so I will begin work on 1.3.

What is planned for 1.3:
-cue file support
-replaygain support
-dsp limiter
-notification playback controls (3.0+ only)
-widgets packaged as a separate download (for users who moved gmmp to the sdcard)
-1 or 2 more holo based skins
-advanced now playing metadata customization

A beta will be posted before the official release just like I did with 1.1 and 1.2

1.2.6 Changelog:
-Volume buttons will now control media volume when music is paused and GMMP is open (screen must be on)
-Added option to replace total time with time remaining in now playing (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Show Time Remaining)
-Split artist search into artist and albumartist search (Album Artist search category added)
-Album artist and song search now on by default
-Other search related improvements
-Changed default playback priority to Above Average (this might help reduce skipping in some cases)
-Changed 'Obey Audiofocus Requests' to be enabled by default
-The lockscreen player can now be unlocked by pressing the trackball
-Action bar is now hidden for the lockscreen on 3.0+
-Artist, album, and genre views now maintain their state when changing orientation
-Updated translations
-Fixed crash when selecting album art on ICS
-Fixed issue where the lockscreen would stay on top when launching GMMP from the recent app list
-Fixed bug in 3.0+ where the search results are not selectable after returning to the search view
-Fixed crash in the headset broadcast receiver
-Fixed crash in the auto file scanner