Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1.3 progress update

I just wanted to post a little update on my progress for the next major version.

So far out of the big features, I've finished coding bookmarking and the dsp limiter.  The limiter will prevent the audio from clipping (which causes bad distortion).  This will allow much more flexibility in the EQ settings used.  Boosting some bands up to the max will no longer sound bad. 

The addition of the limiter has led me to change around the equalizer view a bit to make control a bit easier.  The 'Toggle EQ' button has been removed from the menu.  Toggle buttons for enabling the EQ and the limiter are now added to either side of the preset spinner as seen below.

Along with the visual changes, I added 9 new equalizer presets: Bass Max, Bass & Treble, Classical, Techno, Club, Reggae, Soft, Rap, and Metal.

The bookmarking feature will now enable you to save your position when changing tracks.  There are 3 different settings you can use to determine what files get bookmarked.  'Bookmark Long Tracks' will let you set a song length and any track that length or longer will get bookmarked.  "Bookmark M4B" files will automatically bookmark m4b audiobook files.  Finally 'Bookmark Folders' let you designate specific folders to bookmark.  This option will be good if you have all your long podcasts/audiobooks in specific folders.