Friday, April 6, 2012

GMMP 1.2.4 Released

1.2.4 is a much of minor changes and logs of performance improvements/bug fixes

New Features:
-Added option to restart current playing track when pressing 'Seek Back'.  This only takes effect when more than
5 seconds into the track. (Preferences -> Audio -> Restart On Seek Back)
-Added option to change tracks on selection in the playlist instead of having to long press. (Preferences -> Playlist -> Play On Select)
-Added ability to lock the screen to a specific orientation.  (Preferences -> UI -> Lock Orientation)
-Added option to the preferences to restore equalizer presets back to the defaults (Preferences -> Audio -> Equalizer -> Restore Presets)
-Added option to delete the album art cache folder (Preferences -> General -> Album Art -> Clear Cache)

Improvements / Changes:
-Audio files that report a sample rate less than 4khz in their tags, are now assumed to have correct/invalid tags. 44.1khz sample rate is used instead]
-Updated taglib to 1.7.1
-Embedded album art should now show up in the album list
-Clean database will now remove references to deleted images
-Reduced some overhead in the equalizer when everything is set to the defaults (should lower cpu usage a little)
-Made some changes to the equalizer to hopefully address the issue of the right channel sometimes becoming silent or sounding like garbage
-Improved flac decoding performance for 8bit and 24bit files
-Updated german and italian translations

-Fixed ANR when trying to play an invalid file
-Fixed some cases where skip on error doesnt work
-Fixed skin preview image showing up incorrectly when multiple skins are installed
-Fixed issue where the playback would sometimes stop on track change
-Fixed issue where end of track gets cut off when changing between 2 songs with a different samplerate or channel count
-Fixed some possible issues with "single button" remote control mode
-Fixed possible crash after editing tags