Friday, April 20, 2012

1.2.5 + Purple Skin update released

Nothing major in this update.  It is mainly small changes and bug fixes.  There will be one more update for bug fixes and then work on 1.3 will begin.  You can check the roadmap for some of the features planned in the next major release.

I also pushed out a minor update to the purple holo skin to fix the thumb icon from being cutoff on some devices

1.2.5 (04/20/2012):
-ICS Purple Skin added to the market
-Added option to preferences to download skins
-Added 'Toggle Full Screen' option to the gesture actions. The double tap action is now defaulted to it.
-'Auto Play/Pause' now works with bluetooth connect/disconnect (BLUETOOTH permission added for this)
-Changed bluetooth connection detection for auto volume adjust to use less cpu
-Added option to show time remaining instead of current position. (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Show Time Remaining)
-Added 'Artist and Track' to the possible tags to display in now playing
-Added 'Blank Line' to the possible tags to display.  This will just put an empty line in the chosen slot
-Search headers + 'delete preset' are now translated
-Tweaked widget sizes to work better on ICS (widgets may need to readded on all android versions)
-Added RemoteControlClient which should populate metadata for remote controls
-For mp3s, the scanner will now scan the TXXX tag first before TPE2 when trying to find the album artist
-Fixed actionbar for the purple ics skin
-Fixed issue with 'no repeats' option for playlist shuffle
-Fixed crash caused by changing orientation while drag and dropping songs in the playlist
-Fixed crash when refreshing one of the library lists
-Fixed issue where left/right balance was not being saved
-Fixed crash in the image selector
-Fixed issue loading skin for the scanner
-Fixed crash on music service shutdown