Saturday, February 25, 2012

1.2 status update - now playing changes

The skinning system itself is done, so now I'm making the remaining changes I have planned to the UI before actually creating new skins.  Here is one of the changes.

The tags displayed in now playing can be customized much more than before.  Before there was only the option to turn on/off the 6 tags (artist, album, track, genre, file, folder).  1.2 will introduce the ability to choose what you want to display, and in what order.

The displayed tags option will now open a sub menu.

There are now 6 "slots" that can be customized to show 1 of 15 different tags (2 are combinations of track name and position or track number).  This way you can reorder the tags to get it to look exactly how you want.

There is also a new option to switch between showing icons before the tags, text, or nothing at all.

New tag options are as follows:
Track Number
Playlist Position
Track and Position
Track and Track Number
Album Artist
Disc Number
Next Track