Sunday, February 5, 2012

1.1.13 - last update until 1.2

This should be the last patch of the 1.1.x line.  I will begin working on 1.2 which will focus on UI changes.  1.2 will add different color themes of the current skin and some other UI modifications like showing more metadata on the now playing view.

Since 1.2 will be a major update, there will be a beta version available in the forums at some point before anything new gets pushed to the market.

1.1.13 (02/05/2012):
-Scanning a folder from the browser file will now update songs already in the database instead of skipping them
-Reduced memory usage by the scanner
-Increased scanner speed
-Added stop after current song to the gesture action list
-If shuffle playlist is on, playing an artist, album, genre, or playlist will start with a random song position instead of the first.  Playing a folder will still start with the first file found
-Fixed issue where keyboard would not show up in the search view