Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some more minor updates

In order for me to properly handle some of the error reports submitted from the app, I added an email field so I can contact the user about their issue.  I get a few reports that would be very simple to solve if I was able to contact them.  I also added 2 more default paths to the scanner since not everyone keeps their music in /sdcard/music.  Remember the file browser uses the paths set in the scanner as the main directories to browse, so by default you will see 2 folders when you start to browser (Music and sdcard).  To go back to the old behavior simply go to the scanner -> scan paths and delete the /sdcard/ entry.

Also one other thing I wanted to note.  In this patch I intended to add an option for the user for force a certain locale for gmmp.  After doing some research there was no clean way to do this and I did not want to put in an ugly hack just to do this, so if you have issues with any of the current translations log on to http://www.getlocalization.com/gonemadmusicplayer/ and fix any translation you feel is poor.

1.0.3 (11/8/2011):
-Added email field to manual error reports so the user can be contacted about the issue
-Added /sdcard to default scan path
-Auto detect and add /sdcard-ext to default scan path if it exists
-Added preference to adjust time to skip when pressing the seek buttons (Preferences -> Audio -> Seek Time)
-Translations updated

-Fixed nullptr exception in the command broadcast receiver