Sunday, November 6, 2011

1.0.2 - Mp3 Gapless fix

Around a month ago I had someone report to me that gapless was not working for mp3.  All the files I had tested with seemed to transition perfect but apparently this was not the case for every mp3 file.  After a lot of investigating, I could not find the reason for the audible click when transition some tracks.  GMMP would properly read and account for the gapless metadata in each file, so I was quite baffled.  Fortunately the user who reported the issue also informed me that rockbox was one of the few apps that properly handled gapless playback.  Rockbox is also open source, so yesterday I read through most of the mp3 portion of rockbox comparing it to how I was handling gapless playback.  Turns out there is an additional, very small, section of audio data that needs to be skipped along with the encoder delay and zero padding.  So 1.0.2 includes the fix to skip that data and gmmp should now have true gapless transitions between mp3 files.

1.0.2 (11/6/2011):
-Fixed case where the first played song would not start at the beginning of the track
-Fixed gapless playback for mp3 (some files would have a noticeable click during the transition)
-Improved playing folders from the browser view that have not been scanned yet