Saturday, August 13, 2011

0.24 Released - Album Artist support, EQ and Browser improvement, and much much more

There are a lot of changes in this version.  I went into detail on a few of the changes in my last post.  I provided screenshots of some of the other changes at the end of this post.

Download 0.24.1 Alpha

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention was I did include 7 presets for the equalizer.   They were designed and optimized for 10 bands, but the values are interpolated for any band count lower than 10.

Edit 2: A rescan is needed in order for the Album Artist tag to be picked up

0.24: (08/12/11)
-Library: Album artist support (Menu -> Artists/Album Artists to toggle in artist view)
-Library: Added sorting options for the artist, album, genre, and song views
-Playlist: Added option to delete playlist
-Music Service: Playback position is now saved when exiting and restored when gmmp is opened again.
-Browser: Made visual improvements to the browser view
-Browser: Files in the browser will now have their tags scanned by default so "artist - trackname"
            is displayed instead of filename(with a preference to turn it off)
-EQ: Added plus and minus buttons to the EQ bands for more precise control
-EQ: Added left/right balance control to the equalizer view
-EQ: Added a landscape layout with vertical bars
-EQ: Added an extra column in the compatibility view for EQ
-EQ: Added built in presets: Rock, Dance, Pop, Live, High Boost, Mid Boost, and Bass Boost
-UI: UI preference section added
-UI: Enabled Views preference add to UI section allowing you to customize which
        views show up on the quicknavbar
-UI: QuickNavBar position preference moved to UI section
-UI: Added preference to set which tags show in now playing (artist/track/album/genre)
-UI: Moved scan and about options to preferences
-Scanner: Scanner options are now persisted and "format album/artist tags" is off by default
-Scanner: Added database statistics that show total songs/albums/artists etc.
            (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->DB Stats)

-Fixed incorrect tracks found being reported after a scan
-Folders will be listed before files in the browser
-Fixed issue where playback could stop if you toggled eq on/off
-Fixed bug where album art wouldn't download if albumart directory didnt exist