Monday, August 1, 2011

0.23 Released - Equalizer, preamp, shuffle modes, and launcher icon added

 I decided to split the equalizer/dsp task over 2 releases.  This one contains most of the good stuff, but there are a few immediate tasks involving the EQ that I will address in 0.24.  I wanted to get this out the door so people can start testing.  I will be doing 2 more posts, one being full instructions for the equalizer and the second are tips/settings to tweak to assure you get smooth playback.

The equalizer can be configured to have anywhere from 2 to 10 bands.  The center frequencies for the 5 band and 10 band are fairly standard, but I made up an equation to generate the frequencies for all the others.  That equation may need to be tweaked a bit so if any of the bands sound off please let me know.  Also note I did not include any presets for the EQ.  That is planned in 0.24

Known "Issues":
If you have gapless playback off.. and enable/disable the EQ it will stop the currently playing track.  If you plan on toggling the EQ on and off frequently, turn on gapless playback as well and you will be fine.  Besides this, there should not be any major issues, but I would not be surprised if some minor bugs popped up here or there.

Download 0.23 alpha here.

0.23: (08/01/11)
-Added customizable 2-10 band equalizer with a preamp and 3 dsp filters to choose from
    for the EQ.
-Equalizer preferences added (Preferences -> Audio -> Equalizer)
    -Number of Bands: Choose from 2-10 eq bands
    -Quality:  Default = RBJ Biquad Filter, High = 1st-Order Butterworth Filter,
        Very High = 2nd-Order Butterworth Filter
-Added the ability to save, load, and delete custom EQ presets
-Added new launcher and status icon (reinstall/reboot might be needed to see new launcher icon)
-Shuffle mode option added to Now Playing view (Shuffle Off, Shuffle Playlist, Shuffle Collection)
-Optimized a lot of the audio processing code
-Changed Above Normal priority from -2 to -3 in order to be higher than the UI thread
-Increased default decoding priority to Above Normal