Tuesday, March 12, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 7c

This update is mostly bug fixes but I did add a few things that should have been there from really early on in the alpha (like the shuffle context menu options).  You can also rate multiple files, folders, and tracks at the same time with the multi select.

3.0 Alpha 7c (03-12-2019):


-Added shuffle to context menu in most views
-Added shuffle to multi select action menu for most views
-Added Enqueue All On Selection advanced setting
-Added Database Stats in the advanced scanner settings
-Added rating to multi select actions for tracks, files, and folders
-Default smart playlists are now correctly installed if they dont exist

-Removed unused tag editor option in playlist list context menu
-Removed unused song info context menu option for playlist files in folder view
-Folder view should now use the selected scan paths for the top level folders
-Improved album grouping for various artist albums in the same folder with no album artist tags
-Fixed multi folder album scanner option
-External write access is now checked before rating a file
-Playback should no longer pause while saving rating/tags for most audio formats
-Deleting files should no longer trigger a full scan
-Fixed smart playlist crash when using some non random sort orders