Sunday, July 16, 2017

3.0 Work in Progress 5: Library view

In this update I added a library view similar to the one in the old UI.  I also added in an artist list, genre list, and track list tabs.

The big difference with this one is the toolbar will collapse when you scroll down and if you scroll up it will become visible again

Here is a video of it in action

The plan with the library view is to allow the user to choose which views to add to the library (others will end up in the side navigation view if they are not in the library), the title of those views, and their order.  Below is the chunk of code responsible for building the library, its "hardcoded" currently but will be fairly simple to hook up to the preferences.

v.setupAdapter(listOf(BaseFragmentEntry("Artists", ArtistListFragment::class)
                                  , BaseFragmentEntry("Albums", AlbumListFragment::class)
                                  , BaseFragmentEntry("Genres", GenreListFragment::class)
                                  , BaseFragmentEntry("Songs", TrackListFragment::class)))

I am sure many of you are anxious to try out the new UI, but it is still a ways off.  Some of the views are not too straight forward to code like the equalizer and the browser / folder view, so I expect they will take some time to code.  My plan is to have a working alpha by this fall.  The alpha however will not really contain much customization.  Its really easy to add customization to the code, however actually creating UIs to configure everything is going to take a long time.  Because of this, the alpha will be through a separate group in google+ that users will have to join.  I didnt want to push something so incomplete to the beta channel