Friday, January 20, 2017


2.1.4 (01/14/2016):
-Music service will stay a foreground service to prevent it from being killed/restarted when show when paused is true and dismissable notifications are turned off
-Notification controls now properly update after changing tracks when paused/stopped
-Fixed tasker support
-Persist auto resume when music service restarts or is killed
-Fixed issue reading album art from APEv2 tags
-Improved APEv2 tag reading
-Upgraded google play services to 10.0.1
-Upgrade support library to 25.1.0

2.1.3 (12/01/2016):
-Added option to disable dismissable notification controls when paused (Android 5.0+)
-Disabled "Show in status bar" on Android 5.0+ due to google removing the capability in 5.0
-Fixed crash when trying to save playlists to a location where gmmp does not have access to write
-Fixed blank notification issue
-Composer no longer defaults to artist tag if composer tag is not present
-Other minor fixes