Thursday, October 27, 2016

GoneMAD Music Player 2.1.0 Released

After 5 months of development, GMMP 2.1 is finally here.  This release was mainly a stop gap between 2.0 and 3.0 which will have an entirely new UI.  There have been some long awaited features that I felt needed to be added before dropping support for some older versions of android.  2.1 drops support for jelly bean and 3.0 will drop the support for kit kat.  However 3.0 is a long ways away and will truly benefit all the 5.0+ users since google added some great UI apis in android 5 (like the animation api).

The new update will be rolled out to 20% of the users today and I will increase that to either 50% or 100% depending on whether issues pop up.

Some of the bigger newer features are as follows:

Share Option

The ability to share what you are playing with others in text form and file form have been asked for by tons of users and gmmp 2.1 finally adds that option.

Selecting Now Playing Info will let you share the name of the current artist and song you are playing in text form.  Selecting file will send the file to whatever app you select.

New Higher Quality Album Art Source

GMMP will now give you the option of higher resolution album art than what was previously offered.  The auto download will still choose the original source first (so lower end devices arent auto downloading 1600x1200 images), however the album art selection UI will show the highest quality image first assuming there is a match.

Higher quality source
Original source

Google Now Integration

Voice commands and text searches will now allow you to play music in GMMP.  

  • Play [Artist]
  • Play [Album] by [Artist]
  • Play [Song] by [Artist]

Keep in mind that Google Now is in charge of translating the voice into a search command into GMMP, so it will only work if google now finds something on the device.  By default it will also search play music streams.  So it might be beneficial to turn off play music as one of the searching options in google now

Saving Ratings to File

The last big new ability in GMMP 2.1 is the ability to save ratings to the tags of the audio file.  This happens by default when you rate your music.  For those with tons of music already rated, you can use the "backup stats" option in the settings and it will not only save the stats to the stats.dat file, but will also save any ratings in the gmmp db into the tags of the audio file

Full Changelog:
2.1.0 (10/27/2016)
-Added google now voice command support for playing artist, album, or song
-Added new higher quality album art download source
-Added share option (now playing info or file)
-Added ability to save ratings in tags
-Backup stats will now save ratings in the tags if they are not already set
-Added support for mp2 audio files
-Added toast when toggling repeat via now playing menu
-Added option to disable scans when Android Media Library Updates (Prefs -> Scanner -> Setup Auto Scan -> Sync With Android Media Library)
-Added option to set write permissions straight from the settings (Prefs -> General -> Device Prefs -> Enable Write Permissions)
-Added logic to fix poorly constructed playlists so they will load faster
-Added intent to change themes.  action:gonemad.gmmp.command.THEME, extra: key=themeId value="Style Name" (ie "Classic Dark Cyan")
-Added option to disable album art on lockscreen
-Added %fs% for filesize in custom metadata lines
-Added date added to the stats backup/restore
-Added play next/prev album by artist to gesture actions and media button actions

-Updated to use MediaSession api
-Improved parsing of synchronized lyrics
-Renamed gapless setting to enable/disable gmmp's custom audioengine
-Changed default menu actions for now playing (all but toggle fullscreen, jump to playing menu, and toggle split view are now enabled by default)
-Reset enabled now playing menu options
-Disc number tag is now read in MPC files
-Added ability to write albumartist and disc number to MPC files
-Updated support library to 25.0.0
-Updated play services to 9.6.1
-Force left align for text from tags stored in a RTL language
-Updated translations
-Reduced default buffer size on 5.0+
-Defaulted stop on full audio focus loss to true
-Touchscreen no longer required (recommended for chromebook support)
-Changed audio output to use official AudioTrack api instead of unofficial
-Reset trial
-The trial expired / invalid unlocker message pop up will now launch straight to the unlocker in google play / amazon when okay is selected

-Fixed issue where sdcard write access is not saved when using 'save to playlist'
-Fixed crash when saving new playlist
-Fixed crash during song transition
-Fixed writing albumartist tag in m4a files
-Fixed other various crashes

-Removed "Disable ICS lockscreen controls"
-Disabled album art option for 2x1 widget
-Removed support for pre kitkat devices
-Removed high priority receiver option (no longer needed with MediaSession api)