Friday, November 6, 2015

Slow rollout of 2.0.15 (4.4+)

I'm doing a slow rollout of the next update.  It'll start with 20% and increase from there if there are no issues.  There have been a few breaking bugs in previous update attempts so I am being overly cautious.

Here is the list of changes since 2.0.7:

Note 2.0.8 and 2.0.9 do not exist... I reserved those numbers for emergency updates while i work on 2.1 but with the release of android M, it was easier to just clean up the current betas and roll them out to the public

2.0.15 (10/31/2015):
-Fixed distortion caused by 2.0.14

2.0.14 (10/30/2015):
-Fixed crash caused by changing the tempo with pitch correction on
-Audioengine performance improvements

2.0.13 Beta (10/16/2015):
-Fixed crash when playing some low bitrate WMAv9 files
-Fixed issue on Moto X Pure where nothing would play
-Fixed Current time and total time not displaying in now playing on tablets running android M

2.0.12 Beta (10/01/2015):
-Fixed issue with shuffle queue not looping with a single track in the queue
-Updated taglib to 1.10 beta
-Removed some deprecated audioengine related libraries

2.0.11 Beta (09/20/2015):
-Removed deprecated apache http code and replaced it with OkHttp
-Updated to build tools 23.0.1 and sdk 23
-Updated android support libraries to 23.0.x
-Updated google play services libraries to 7.8.x
-Fixed crackling issue in crossfade and high/highest eq settings
-Fixed issue loading audioengine on Android M

2.0.10 Beta (09/07/2015):
-Added support for less common wav encodings and 32/64bit wav
-Updated nearly all of the audio codecs
-Audioengine consolidation
-Audioengine is now built with NDK 10e
-Removed ARMv5 support