Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2.0.5 - 2.0.7

2.0.7 marks the last planned update for the 2.0.x series and I plan on starting work on 2.1 by mid july.  The initial focus on 2.1 will be the audioengine.  2.0 was a big upgrade in the UI department, so now is the time to upgrade whats under the hood.  There still should be some UI improvements like the often requested grid views as well.

2.0.7 (06/28/2015)
-Fixed issue where the UI gets in a messed up state if now playing is set as the starting view and a gesture is used to jump to any of the non library/folder views
-Fixed repeat one with cue files

2.0.6 (06/05/2015)
-Fixed issue with embbedded art not getting recognized without the "prefer embedded art" setting enabled
-Fixed crash in the lyrics view
-Fixed other various crashes

2.0.5 (06/03/2015)
-Fix for cue files not loading