Friday, December 26, 2014

1.9.9 (2.0 Beta 2) - Widget Overhaul

2.0 Beta 2 greatly improves the options for widgets.  Here is a list of what is customizable:

  • Colors (Currently limited to just black on white or vice versa)
  • Album art being shown
  • Background opacity
  • Font size (small / medium / large)
  • Number of buttons and you can configure each button (7 choices: playpause/fast forward/rewind/skip next/skip back/toggle shuffle/toggle repeat)
  • Playing info.  Widgets get 2-4 slots (depending on the size) that can be customized similar to the now playing custom slots.  The number is variables is not as extensive as now playing but there is a fairly good selection.

1.9.9 (2.0 Beta 2) (12/26/2014)
-Widget overhaul.  Added a bunch of new configuration options to the widgets.
-Added 'Clean Database After Scan' to scanner settings.

-Updated translations

-Removed "Push to start" on the widgets.  It is no longer needed
-Removed icon option in custom metadata lines since icons are no longer shown in now playing

-Fixed issue with the top of the UI being cutoff in fullscreen mode
-Fixed issue where the queue position would not properly update if GMMP was in the background or the lockscreen was active
-Fixed bug where drag and drop was still enabled after turning off edit mode in the queue
-Attempted a fix for issues with the hardware button on LG phones running 4.1
-Fixed another crash caused by crossfading album art