Monday, July 28, 2014


1.6.2 (07/25/14):
-Unlicensed copies of the unlocker are no longer accepted.  Update to the latest version of the unlocker or purchase a valid copy if you get an error.  In order to validate the license, you must be connected to the internet before opening GMMP.  Once validated the first time, an internet connection is no longer needed.  If all of this is done and you still run into issues with the unlocker, please contact with your order number and we will help resolve the issue.
-44100 sample rate is now shown in now playing as 44.1khz instead of 44khz
-Fixed notification art always using embedded image even when another image was chosen
-Fixed issue with the split view toggle button not able to be hidden
-Fixed crash in license check
-Fixed widget crash
-Modified how chromecast devices are detected to hopefully fix the issue of the cast menu option not showing up