Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - KitKat sdcard permission workaround and other fixes

You should now be able to delete and download album art to the external sdcard on android 4.4.  Editing tags is still not possible but at least the other functionality has been restored. (04/08/14):
-Added logging to crashlytics
-Improved formatting of lyrics which only contain the carriage return character at the end of each line
-Another attempt at fixing AVRCP 1.3 on samsung devices
-Fixed pause when changing tracks when listening via bluetooth on some samsung devices
-Fixed crash when changing tracks multiple times quickly
-Fixes for m4a RATE tag
-Fixed bug where the sleep timer would be five times longer than its supposed to be when using for a 2nd time in a single session
-Added kitkat sdcard access workaround for deleting files and saving image files to the sdcard
-Fixed context menu options for Genre -> Artist -> All Songs
-Other minor fixes
-Updated German translation
-Included GMMP version name/code in error reports