Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1.5 Beta 3

Okay I got beta 3 tested on an lg marquee (2.3.4), lg motion (4.0.4), galaxy s2 (4.1.2), galaxy s3 (4.2.2), galaxy nexus (4.3.1), moto g (4.3), a nexus 5 (4.4.2) and nexus 7 (4.4.2).  It seemed to work as expected on all the devices so the new update is live.

1.5.b3.0 (01/22/2014):
-Replaced Equalizer tab with a new Effects tab
-Added virtualizer and bass boost
-Fixed sleep timer being inaccurate when the screen is off
-Fixed various crashes
-Attempted to fix Samsung 4.3 AVRCP 3.0 issue
-Fixed some issues with resume on call end
-Auto resume can no longer start playback during a phone call
-Fixed action bar not showing on in the save to playlist activity
-Playback speed is properly set for the lockscreen music controls

There will be a beta 4 which will have some minor odds and ends that I wanted to add / change, updated skins (along with silver/cyan being moved into external downloads), and a major cleanup to try and trim the apk filesize down a bit.  There is also one major "bug" that I would like to resolve as well and that is fixing the accessibility / talkback compatibility.  When I redid a lot of the UI it seemed to break a bunch of things with compatibility and I definitely would like to get that working again.