Friday, November 15, 2013

1.5 beta now available for testing

The first 1.5 beta is finally here for android 2.3+.  I've tested on 10-15 devices varying between 2.3 and 4.3 (i don't have 4.4 yet) and the stability is pretty good.  Playback speed control can currently only be accessed via the preferences (prefs -> audio -> playback -> tempo), but I will add gesture actions and a UI for it at some point.

First you need to join the beta google+ community:

Sign up for the beta here:

Updates should come fairly regularly now.  Assuming there are no major issues, I'll begin work on some tablet layouts

1.5.b1.0 (11/15/2013):
-Rewrote UI to use fragments and loaders. The UI should now be smoother and more responsive
-New launcher icon, status icon, and default album art image
-Added swiping between views (right bezel swipe only in now playing to allow for gestures)
-Added playback speed control with auto pitch correction
-Added ARMv7 optimized build
-Old style navigation removed from classic skins along with the icons in the navigation bar
-Switched crash reporting from ACRA to Crashlytics
-Manual error reports are now sent through email
-Removed 4x4 transparent widget since the regular 4x4 widget can be made transparent
-Auto resume disabled by default for docked connections
-Fixed auto pause not working until the preferences were viewed at least one time
-Going to a previous track when using 'Play Next File' as the On Queue Completion setting will no longer wipe the current queue
-What's new section is now a webview for better formatting
-Default album art is now used if no art was found when viewing an album