Sunday, July 14, 2013


This should be the last update of the 1.4.x line (there could possibly be one more update with bug fixes of they pop up).  It contains a bunch of odds and end I wanted to add in before moving on to the UI rework.  I have already started some work on 1.5.  There will be another post later this week on what you can expect for the next major update.

Edit: If gmmp crashes on startup be sure to update to  There seemed to be some compatibility issues with ARMv7 devices running gingerbread.

1.4.16 (07/14/2013):
-Embedded album art will now correctly show on the ICS lockscreen controls
-Fixed potential ANR when changing repeat modes
-Added 'Date Added' sorting order
-Pressing the 'Playlists' tab a second time will now reset the view
-'Ignore Prefix When Sorting' now applies to album lists when sorting by artist
-Fixed album count in the genre view for artists in multiple genres
-Added default replaygain setting to use when no RG tags are found
-Improved handling of corrupt id3v2 tags
-Fixed bitrate calculation for opus files and very large flac files
-Added 'Most Played' as a new default smart playlist (will only be created on installation)
-Added ability to rename playlist files
-Pressing next track when at the end of the queue will now loop the queue if "On Queue Completion" is set to stop
-Added Year, Artist sorting order to the album tab
-Album art opacity now applies to custom background images
-Added option to stop playback after each track (Prefs -> Playback -> Stop After Each Track)
-Long press of shuffle button is now configurable (Play Random Album or Start Shuffle Collection)
-Added advanced remote controls (double/triple/click&hold/etc actions can be set for next/prev/ffwd/rwd/stop).  This is not compatible with some bluetooth devices and headsets
-Reset all the auto pause/play options and switched the preferences to a multiple option checklist.  You can select Wired, Bluetooth, and/or Dock
-Fixed issue where playback would pause/resume when it was not supposed to when connecting/disconnecting to car bluetooth audio
-All tracks in a smart playlist will now be added to the queue when playing a single track from the smart playlists
-A few misc bug fixes