Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Posted another update with more fixes.  The plan is one more update adding a some minor new features and then I will begin the UI rework.  That is going to be a large task so I'll do another post with a bit more detail around the time I start working on it. (06/24/2013):
-Fixed bug causing playback to resume after an audiofocus request was received when playback was paused/stopped
-Fixed issue with the custom background not taking effect immediately
-Fixed composer and disc number being on the same line in the custom metadata legend
-Cleaned up the "browse storage" list when selecting folder locations
-Added "/storage/external_SD" to the default external sdcard location list
-Fixed issue with scanner not reading folders with .. in the folder name
-Fixed issue where the next track info would not correctly update in now playing / lockscreen
-Improved support for playing files from external file browsers
-Fixed playing/enqueing folders with flac files in them (flac file were being skipped if they didnt have embedded cue files)
-Split 'All Songs' sort order into 3 separate preferences, one for genre, one for artist, and the last for the songs tab.  Genre/Artist will default to Album Asc.
-GMMP now listens for view intents of the mimetype: application/x-flac