Friday, March 15, 2013

1.4.8 - 24/96 + 24/192 FLAC support

Note that external dsp support is now off by default and you must enable it in the preferences.

1.4.8 (03/15/2013):
-Improved resampling: sample rates higher than 48khz now supported and multi channel audio is now downmixed to stereo (for most formats)
-Musepack file now play back at the correct volume
-Fixed another issue with certain files playing back at incorrect speeds
-Added /mnt/external_SD and /mnt/external to the default external sdcard location list
-Added File Extension (%ext%) and Next File Extension (%next%) to the custom metadata options
-Re-prioritized local image search to pick images named 'folder' first, then 'cover', then anything containing 'front'
-Added skipping/stuttering warning when increasing the equalizer quality setting
-Added option to toggle shuffle queue and collection individually to the gesture and singlebutton action list
-Clicking on an album cover in the song list view will now follow the Song Actions preferences (On Select Playing, On Select Stopped)
-Long pressing the album cover in the song list view will bring up the album context menu
-Browser sorting is now persisted
-Added option to flash the playing song in the status bar when playback is started or the track changes (Prefs -> General -> Show In Status Bar)
-Added option to stop playback when another music player starts playing (Prefs -> Audio -> Stop On AudioFocus Loss)
-Added individual gesture actions for: jump to artist, albumartist, album, genre, and folder.
-Fixed bug where orientation would change even if the device had auto rotated disabled
-%aa% and %naa% will use the artist tag if the album artist tag is not present
-Added preference for enabling external dsp support (Prefs -> Audio -> Equalizer -> Use External Dsp).  It is off by default.