Saturday, December 15, 2012

1.4 Beta 4 - Ratings + Smart Playlists

Smart playlists are finally here.  There will be one more update before it will be released on the play store and amazon.

The last update will contain:
-Some default smart playlists like last played and recently added
-A way to persist ratings / playcounts when doing a reinstall or clear the database
-Advanced customization to the metadata in now playing.  Example: %trackno%) %artist% - %trackname%  would display 1) Artist - Trackname on a single line
-Improved resampling and support for sample rates higher than 48khz
-Updated skins

Smart playlists are saved to a file located in /sdcard/gmmp/smart, so they only need to be created once and can be copied to another device

Download 1.4 Beta 5
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1.4 Beta 4:
-Added smart playlists
-Search will now AND each word instead of searching for the whole string ("all that" = "all" AND "that")
-Shuffle cancellation enabled by default for play next and enqueue
-Added song ratings
-Changed the default slot 4 tag to rating (was genre before)
-Merged 1.3.21/1.3.22 fixes
-Improved tag writing performance
-Improved loading speed of embedded album art
-Shuffle removed as a context menu option for all song view
-Headset/bluetooth media controls (next/prev/rrwd/ffwd/stop) can be assigned custom actions
-Changed playlist to queue in classic blue/silver skins
-Updated status icons
-Minor adjustments to the scanner layout to display better on smaller screens
-Added Date Added and Last Played to the database
-Scanner now populates date added when scanning
-Last played and playcount are now updated when a song finishes playing
-Changed default single tap gesture to do nothing
-Removed gradient backgrounds to tag editor, scanner, about, whats new, compatibility, error log, help, image selection, and widget setup views
-Fixed bug that would cause nothing to happen when attempting to play a file from an external file browser
-Fixed bug caused by selecting add to playlist from now playing when no song was playing/shown