Wednesday, June 29, 2011

0.20 - True gapless playback + wavpack/wma support

I'm headed off to vacation tomorrow so here is a new version before I go.  The main feature I added was true gapless playback for every supported filetype (mp3/aac files need to be encoded properly to support it.. ie with itunes or lame encoder).  You can enable it in the new audio section of the preferences. 

I have gotten 2 different reports about force closes due to libraries failing to load.  This unfortunately is one of the downfalls to the android OS.  Different devices and even different firmware versions of the same device can have different versions of libraries that may be incompatible.  I implemented a work-around if the audioengine library fails to load.  GMMP will just run just with some features disabled.  I will try to come up with a better solution but without getting my hands the actual device.. it will be tough.

Download 0.20 alpha here

edit: I forgot to state that mp3 and aac gapless support depends on the device.  If gmmp cannot find a decoder it can use on the device, playback will still contain gaps in between tracks.

0.20 (06/28/11):
-Gapless playback supported (disabled by default due to potential higher cpu usage)
-Added ability to preload next track to eliminate the pause during track changes
    (incidentally this creates gapless playback for formats like ogg)
-Audioengine: Raised default priority of playback thread THREAD_PRIORITY_URGENT_AUDIO
-Audioengine: Lowered CPU/Memory usage for audioengine playback
-Added audioengine preferences for decode thread priority, playback buffersize,
    gapless playback, and preload next track time
-Updated notification to show the current track instead of "service started"
-File scanner will ignore files with unreadable tags
-Queue Album On Song Play Action option now works with the browser view
-New formats supported: Wavpack (wv) and windows media audio (wma)

-Stop is called when the end of a playlist is reached (and loop/random is disabled)
-Fixed playlist bug if you had the same track in the playlist multiple times
-Audioengine: Cleanup audiotrack properly when stopping
-Audioengine: Fixed some minor seeking issues
-Audioengine: Fixed crash when stopping playback
-Caught exception for when fails to load.  gmmp will still work, but
    functionality may be limited (extra audio formats + gapless)