2.2.21 (03/21/2019):
-Fixed some more album art issues
-Fixed automatic album art downloads

2.2.20 (02/20/2019):
-Fixed issue with android auto not working after the music service is shut down

2.2.19 (02/18/2019):
-Fixed remote controls

2.2.18 (02/17/2019):
-Possible fix for metadata over bluetooth getting stuck on the first track
-Fixed installing equalizer presets and smart playlists on first launch
-Fixed some ANRs/crashes

2.2.17 (11/21/2018):
-Fixed opus/ogg album art issue

2.2.16 (11/20/2018):
-Fixed sharing files on android 7.0+
-Added R128 support for opus/vorbis
-Fixed decibel to gain conversion (replaygain / preamp)
-Fixed issue opening now playing in material skins with talkback enabled on android oreo+

2.2.15 (11/07/2018):
-Possible fix for music service being shut down when it shouldnt

2.2.14 (11/06/2018):
-Fixed issue where widgets would stop updating after GMMP is killed
-Fixed audioengine crash related to the api level update
-Fixed deleting playlists on sdcard
-Added support for view file intents from tasker

2.2.13 (11/04/2018):
-Widget fixes on oreo and newer

2.2.12 Beta (11/01/2018):
-Fixed crash when certain external apps attempt to open an audio file in gmmp
-Another attempt at fixing issue saving changes after modifying an existing playlist
-External storage write access no longer requires only the root to be selected
-Expanded notifications now default to off
-Added more support for playing files from external file managers
-Updated API level to 27
-Added support for runtime permissions
-Reset resume on call end preference (due to permissions)
-Added RxJava and RxPermissions licenses
-Added notification channels for playback controls and the scanner
-FileScanService updated to use JobIntentService
-Set resizable flag to true which should improve multi window support

2.2.11 (07/05/2018):
-Fixed playing android media library content uris from external file managers

2.2.10 (07/02/2018):
-Return to playing will no longer reset the library view back to the first tab
-Bypass keyguard for custom lockscreen will now work on Oreo (only when PIN/pattern/password is disabled)
-Fixed playing audio files from file explorer apps on newer version of android
-Fixed issue saving changes after modifying and existing playlist

2.2.9 (05/24/2018):
-Fixed crash in the amazon version

2.2.8 (05/21/2018):
-Removed google analytics and crashlytics to comply with the GDPR

2.2.7 (04/09/2018):
-Fixed reading embedded album art in ogg containers
-Added error check to hopefully prevent the "Cleaning database" notification from being stuck
-Jumping to a letter in the album list in android auto should now correctly take you to the right spot in the list
-Clicking search button will no longer remove focus on the search text field
-Additional workarounds for invalid unlocker issue

2.2.6 (04/03/2018):
-Taglib update to 0.11.1
-Fixed handling of unicode TXXX album artist tags
-Added workaround for invalid unlocker error caused by updating some devices to oreo
-Fade out if the next audio source isnt prepared when crossfading

2.2.5 (09/01/2017):
-Notification is now dismissable after stopping via on queue completion

2.2.4 (08/29/2017):
-Updated google services to 11.0.4
-Updated support libraries to 26.0.0
-Updated compile sdk to Android O
-Fixed bug where keyboard would not show when using a gesture to jump to search
-Play next/prev album now orders by album name instead of by artist (use next/prev album by artist for other behavior)
-Reset anything set to next/prev album to next/prev album by artist
-Notification will now properly update state when queue completes with on queue completion set to default or stop
-Audio focus is now only abandoned when the music service is destroyed
-Fixed audioengine startup race condition deadlock
-Fixed creating new files on sdcard (playlists / downloaded album art)
-Fixed issue where some m4a files would play at the incorrect sample rate

2.2.3 (05/02/2017):
-Update google services to 10.2.4
-Fixed some audioengine crashes
-Fixed other various crashes and bugs

2.2.2 (04/05/2017):
-Fixed m4a crossfade bug
-Updated crashlytics to 2.6.7
-Updated support library to 25.3.1
-Updated google services to 10.2.1

2.2.1 (03/09/2017):
-Fixed crash when executing a search with nothing but blank spaces
-New m4a decoder is now available to lollipop devices
-Fixed issue loading embedded album art when the "prefer embedded art" option was off
-Effects view now shows the correct effects when the custom audioengine is disabled
-Fixed crash on the Lenovo A6000 when raising volume above the "safe media volume"
-Other various fixes

2.2.0 (03/02/2017):
-Added Android Auto support
-Added Full Android Auto Access option in Prefs -> Library to allow access to all artists, albums, and genres
-Added new m4a/aac decoder to replace opensl on android 6.0+
-Added support for .oga extension (ogg audio)
-Added support for opus files with the .ogg or .oga extension

-Voice search refactoring/improvements
-More voice search accuracy improvements
-Added genre voice search
-Added unstructured voice search support
-Refactored data access layer
-Audiofocus is now persisted if the music service is restarted by the OS
-Playback will no longer auto resume after audiofocus loss (always play on plugin is not affected by this)
-Unlocker validation moved to the MusicService
-Updated crashlytics to 2.6.6
-Updated translations
-Improved sample rate, channel count, and duration detection
-GMMP should no longer auto resume when regaining audiofocus after a full loss (like using another player to play audio)
-Upgraded Glide to 3.7.0
-GMMP will now attempt to free up memory when the OS requests it

-The full length audio file associated with a cue will no longer show in the library views
-Fixed audioengine crash when changing tracks multiple times in a short period of time
-Fixed memory leak
-Other various minor bug fixes

-Removed support for kitkat and below
-Removed any code specific to kitkat or below
-Removed music service timeout (interferes with a lot of functionality)

2.1.5 (01/25/2016):
-Reverted play services and support library to previous version
-Fixed a few audiofocus issues
-Fixed some issues with displaying and playing genre selections correctly

2.1.4 (01/14/2016):
-Music service will stay a foreground service to prevent it from being killed/restarted when show when paused is true and dismissable notifications are turned off
-Notification controls now properly update after changing tracks when paused/stopped
-Fixed tasker support
-Persist auto resume when music service restarts or is killed
-Fixed issue reading album art from APEv2 tags
-Improved APEv2 tag reading
-Upgraded google play services to 10.0.1
-Upgrade support library to 25.1.0

2.1.3 (12/01/2016):
-Added option to disable dismissable notification controls when paused (Android 5.0+)
-Disabled "Show in status bar" on Android 5.0+ due to google removing the capability in 5.0
-Fixed crash when trying to save playlists to a location where gmmp does not have access to write
-Fixed blank notification issue
-Composer no longer defaults to artist tag if composer tag is not present
-Other minor fixes

2.1.2 (11/23/2016)
-Rewrote cast device discovery.  Should be much more accurate and responsive now
-Show notification when paused defaulted to true
-Notification controls can now be swiped away when music is paused/stopped
-Updated Slovak translation
-Added new command intents:

2.1.1 (11/08/2016)
-Fixed issue where chromecast playing would mess up when automatically transitioning to another song
-Updated play services to 9.8.0

2.1.0 (10/27/2016)
-Added google now voice command support for playing artist, album, or song
-Added new higher quality album art download source
-Added share option (now playing info or file)
-Added ability to save ratings in tags
-Backup stats will now save ratings in the tags if they are not already set
-Added support for mp2 audio files
-Added toast when toggling repeat via now playing menu
-Added option to disable scans when Android Media Library Updates (Prefs -> Scanner -> Setup Auto Scan -> Sync With Android Media Library)
-Added option to set write permissions straight from the settings (Prefs -> General -> Device Prefs -> Enable Write Permissions)
-Added logic to fix poorly constructed playlists so they will load faster
-Added intent to change themes.  action:gonemad.gmmp.command.THEME, extra: key=themeId value="Style Name" (ie "Classic Dark Cyan")
-Added option to disable album art on lockscreen
-Added %fs% for filesize in custom metadata lines
-Added date added to the stats backup/restore
-Added play next/prev album by artist to gesture actions and media button actions

-Updated to use MediaSession api
-Improved parsing of synchronized lyrics
-Renamed gapless setting to enable/disable gmmp's custom audioengine
-Changed default menu actions for now playing (all but toggle fullscreen, jump to playing menu, and toggle split view are now enabled by default)
-Reset enabled now playing menu options
-Disc number tag is now read in MPC files
-Added ability to write albumartist and disc number to MPC files
-Updated support library to 25.0.0
-Updated play services to 9.6.1
-Force left align for text from tags stored in a RTL language
-Updated translations
-Reduced default buffer size on 5.0+
-Defaulted stop on full audio focus loss to true
-Touchscreen no longer required (recommended for chromebook support)
-Changed audio output to use official AudioTrack api instead of unofficial
-Reset trial
-The trial expired / invalid unlocker message pop up will now launch straight to the unlocker in google play / amazon when okay is selected

-Fixed issue where sdcard write access is not saved when using 'save to playlist'
-Fixed crash when saving new playlist
-Fixed crash during song transition
-Fixed writing albumartist tag in m4a files
-Fixed other various crashes

-Removed "Disable ICS lockscreen controls"
-Disabled album art option for 2x1 widget
-Removed support for pre kitkat devices
-Removed high priority receiver option (no longer needed with MediaSession api)

2.0.28 (05/13/2016)
-Updated translations
-Fixed some various minor exceptions

2.0.27 Beta (04/27/2016)
-Fixed writing disc no tag in m4a files
-Long artist names in the playlist view will now only show on a single line
-Minor improvement in the responsiveness of handling remote/media control commands
-Added code to prevent playback from auto resuming immediately after auto pausing from a disconnect
-Fixed some crashes related to destroying activities
-Fixed some crashes in the audioengine when changing tracks
-Fixed other various crashes
-Added Slovak and Hungarian translations
-Updated other translations

2.0.26 (03/11/2016)
-Added ability to invert notification text and icon color (android 5.0+)
-Fixed deleting multiple tracks from album view using action mode
-Improved sdcard location detection on first install
-Force mono is now correctly disabled in the UI when the EQ is turned off
-Fixed various non fatal bugs
-Updated translations

2.0.25 Beta (02/28/2016)
-Fixes for sdcard write access

2.0.24 Beta (02/17/2016)
-Hopefully got sdcard write access working

2.0.23 Beta (02/09/2016)
-Fixed some issues when prompting for write access
-Sort settings in the preferences now work again
-Attempted to fix the queue not updating

2.0.22 Beta (01/28/2016)
-Added ability to save to sdcard on 5.0+ devices
-Updated translations
-Fixed fast scroll location on holo themes in android 5.0+

2.0.21 Beta (01/07/2016)
-Fixed bug where gmmp would be unable to pick a random album
-Tweaked scrobbler intents to play nicer with FloatingLyrics
-Added album filtering.  Prefs -> Library -> Album Library -> Album Filtering.  You can filter the album view
    and albums picked for album shuffle based on number of tracks and length of album
-Added more improvements to the scanner to prevent duplicates
-Added workaround to prevent MusiXmatch from incorrectly launching and being unable to back out of
-Fixed bug where widget would be invisible if no song was selected in now playing

2.0.20 (12/23/2015):
-Another fix for non 64bit builds being used on 64 bit devices

2.0.19 (12/23/2015):
-Fix non 64bit builds being used on 64 bit devices

2.0.18 (12/14/2015):
-Fixed issue where the first song of a folder would play regardless of the file selected
-Holo themes are now forced to use material seekbar due to the latest android compatibility library breaking theming support for seekbars

2.0.17 (12/12/2015):
-Fixed issues with the 64 bit version of gmmp

2.0.16 (12/11/2015):
-Added support for chromecast audio
-Added ARM 64-bit version of GMMP
-Added Crashlytics NDK support
-Updated support library to 23.1.1
-Updated to ffmpeg 2.7.3
-Scanner improvements to prevent duplicates
-Removed ugly zoom buttons from lyrics view and fixed crash related to the zoom buttons
-Removed some unused libraries
-Fixed bug where the folder selector for the scan/ignore paths would not list /storage/emulated/0
-Fixed bug causing every folder to be added to the scanner's ignore list
-Fixed bug where GMMP might not be listed as a default audio app
-Fixed bug trying to read some apev2 tags
-Fixed EQ setting not changing to "Custom" when bands are adjusted but not saved

2.0.15 (10/31/2015):
-Fixed distortion caused by 2.0.14

2.0.14 (10/30/2015):
-Fixed crash caused by changing the tempo with pitch correction on
-Audioengine performance improvements

2.0.13 Beta (10/16/2015):
-Fixed crash when playing some low bitrate WMAv9 files
-Fixed issue on Moto X Pure where nothing would play
-Fixed Current time and total time not displaying in now playing on tablets running android M

2.0.12 Beta (10/01/2015):
-Fixed issue with shuffle queue not looping with a single track in the queue
-Updated taglib to 1.10 beta
-Removed some deprecated audioengine related libraries

2.0.11 Beta (09/20/2015):
-Removed deprecated apache http code and replaced it with OkHttp
-Updated to build tools 23.0.1 and sdk 23
-Updated android support libraries to 23.0.x
-Updated google play services libraries to 7.8.x
-Fixed crackling issue in crossfade and high/highest eq settings
-Fixed issue loading audioengine on Android M

2.0.10 Beta (09/07/2015):
-Added support for less common wav encodings and 32/64bit wav
-Updated nearly all of the audio codecs
-Audioengine consolidation
-Audioengine is now built with NDK 10e
-Removed ARMv5 support

2.0.7 (06/28/2015):
-Fixed issue where the UI gets in a messed up state if now playing is set as the starting view and a gesture is used to jump to any of the non library/folder views
-Fixed repeat one with cue files

2.0.6 (06/05/2015):
-Fixed issue with embbedded art not getting recognized without the "prefer embedded art" setting enabled
-Fixed crash in the lyrics view
-Fixed other various crashes

2.0.5 (06/03/2015):
-Fix for cue files not loading

2.0.4 (06/02/2015):
-Fixed issue with updating the lyric view after the track changes
-Added support for lyrics for android.  Lyrics can now be shown within GMMP instead of an external app
-Fixed issue where album art would not properly show on the lockscreen
-Fixed issue where total time in the queue showed as 0:00
-The scanner's folder select view will now color the folder icon of every folder the scanner will scan
-Sorting all songs by track number now uses track name as the secondary sorting field
-Fixed a bunch of errors related to reusing recycled bitmaps (album art loading should improve)
-Re-wrote album art crossfading yet again.  It should be much more reliable now.
-Changes to the contents of the queue will now cancel action mode
-Fixed other various issues
-Updated translations

2.0.3 (05/06/2015):
-Fixed issue with 4x1 widget where it would not render correctly with album art disabled
-Fixed the accent color in the material black - indigo theme
-Slightly fixed the seekbar in android 5.1 in holo themes.  The progress bar can no longer be colored so it is now solid grey
-Scrobbler intent fix for isyncr
-GMMP is now listed as a default music player
-Fixed all songs issue when viewing all songs from Genre -> Artist
-Fixed multi select -> play next's behavior
-Added new jump to gesture actions: queue, playlists, effects, smart, and search
-Swipe navigation from now playing is now easier when gestures are disabled
-Updated glide to 3.6.0
-Fixed bug where the playlist view would not refresh after saving the queue
-Changing album art of the playing song will now update the lockscreen background
-Reset trial
-Playback notifications are now set to public for android 5.0+
-Updated translations

2.0.2 (03/31/2015):
-Repeat menu option in now playing will now always show when the repeat button is hidden
-4x2 widget buttons are now a bit smaller
-Prefer embedded art is now defaulted to off
-Return to playing is now working in material themes
-Updated to google play services 7.0
-Updated to compatibility library 22.0
-Updated translations
-Fixed rendering issue with holo themes on android 5.1
-Fixed issue where scanner will count cue files in every scan even if they have already been scanned
-Fixed crash related to the alphabet indexer
-Fixed other various crashes/exceptions
-Fixed crashes related to the fragment not being attached to the activity
-Fixed crash when checking if gmmp can cast
-Fixed issue where jump to playing isnt accurate when rearranging view order

2.0.1 (03/18/2015):
-Improved album art scaling on the 4x1 widget
-Holo theme only specific settings are now labeled that way in the preferences
-Slightly reduced memory usage when crossfading album art
-Fixed crash with list indexers
-Increased delay in restarting the UI after a theme change to prevent some potential crashes and other issues
-Caught some exceptions thrown when restoring settings
-Fixed other various crashes
-Fixed auto open keyboard when opening search in material themes
-Fixed %fn% in widgets
-Fixed repeat one when casting
-Updated translations

2.0 (03/13/2015):

-Massive UI overhaul
-Added 1000+ theme templates (8 different "styles" including Material and Holo)
-Background color is now configurable (in the theme builder section)
-Widget overhaul.  Added a bunch of new configuration options to the widgets.
-Added multiple select (long press now selects a list item)
-Added overflow button to each list item
-Added option to hide shuffle/repeat buttons in now playing
-Added media store syncing (new files will automatically be scanned by GMMP)
-Added fast scroll indexer to library views and playlist view
-MediaPlayer now uses the gapless featurea added in android 4.1
-Added new scanner menu with new folder selection view
-Added ability to set the starting view (Prefs -> UI -> Starting View)
-Added "Add To Playlist" to the queue
-Added "Rating" menu option to tracks in smart playlists
-Added 'Clean Database After Scan' to scanner settings.
-Added error message if the x86 version of gmmp is ran on an ARM based device
-Added an option to do nothing when long pressing the shuffle button instead of playing a random track or album
-Added warning to delete database option in the scanner
-Added refresh option to the album art selection activity.  This will update the art if it was changed outside of GMMP
-Added option to choose whether to show embedded art over manually selected album art (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Prefer embedded art)
-Added plus/minus buttons to the tempo adjustment dialog
-Added Korean translation
-Added Portuguese(Brazil) translation

Updated / Enhancements:
-Updated holo themes
-Major code cleanup
-Replaced many old systems with open source libraries
-Switched image loading to use Glide
-UI inflating now uses the ViewHolder pattern
-Replaced deprecated gallery with a view pager for the album art selector and skin selector
-Replaced CWAC TouchList View with DragSortListView to provide a smoother drag and drop experience
-Tag changes are now reflected everywhere
-Updated translations
-Renaming views now applies to the activity title
-Library sorting preferences have been reset
-Improved album sorting option in song lists
-Updated musixmatch lyric plugin
-Reset 2 week trial
-Target sdk set to 22 (5.1)

-Removed support for pre jelly bean devices
-Removed 'Always Keep Device Awake' preference
-Removed skin support (themes are replacing skins)
-Removed vertical seekbars used in equalizer view (the custom widget was too difficult to maintain)
-Removed "Push to start" on the widgets.  It is no longer needed
-Removed icon option in custom metadata lines since icons are no longer shown in now playing

-Resume on call end will no longer auto resume if something that would normally trigger an auto pause occured during the call (disconnect from BT or unplug headset)
-Fixed some issues updating the android lockscreen controls
-Lockscreen controls will now correctly show the proper song name for cue files
-Fixed sleep timer not working correctly after being used once
-Fixed issue where the scanner would skip certain folders
-Fixed audio artifacts caused by a positive replaygain value
-Security fixes
-Fixed issue where a song would only scrobble once when repeat one was enabled
-Misc fixes

1.6.7 (11/24/14):
-Fix for stuttering on Android 5.0+
-Fixed notifications for Android 5.0+
-Added French translation

1.6.6 (10/18/14):
-Updated target sdk to 21 (Android 5.0)
-Fixed notification background on 5.0+
-Disabled expanded notifications in 5.0+. The album art is not showing correctly, will try to fix this in GMMP 2.0.
-Added Greek translation

1.6.5 (09/09/14):
-Fixed issue with album art not updating on chromecast

1.6.4 (08/28/14):
-Another unlocker licensing change to make it more tolerant of errors/failures
-Updated Czech translation

1.6.3 (07/30/14):
-Fixed issue where the unlocker would report as unlicensed when Google Play was actually returning a retry response
-Updated Czech translation

1.6.2 (07/25/14):
-Unlicensed copies of the unlocker are no longer accepted.  Update to the latest version of the unlocker or purchase a valid copy if you get an error.
-44100 sample rate is now shown in now playing as 44.1khz instead of 44khz
-Fixed notification art always using embedded image even when another image was chosen
-Fixed issue with the split view toggle button not able to be hidden
-Fixed crash in license check
-Fixed widget crash
-Modified how chromecast devices are detected to hopefully fix the issue of the cast menu option not showing up

1.6.1 (07/11/14):
-Added "default" on queue completion setting.  When the queue only contains 1 track, it'll act as "Play Next File", otherwise it acts as "Stop"
-Embedded lyrics view will now update when the track changes (only when opened from now playing)
-Previous track will now loop back to the end of the queue if On Queue Completion is set to Loop Queue, Default, or Stop
-Fixed "Backup failed.  Music source is null" error when backing up stats
-Added option to set default song rating when no rating is found in the tags (Prefs -> Scanner -> Default Rating)
-Added "Toggle Split View" to Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options.  It is off by default and only available to devices that support split mode
-Chromecast volume can now be adjusted using Menu -> Volume in Now Playing
-Security fixes
-Close out old External DSP sessions before creating new ones (should improve external dsp reliability)
-Widget album art is now downsampled to fit the screen resolution if its too large
-Slighty reduced the chance of repeats when playing random albums
-Fixed other various crashes
-Updated translations
-Reset Google Analytics Opt-Out preference.  It was checked by default (meaning google analytics is disabled).  Now it is unchecked
-Initial Android L fixes to get the audioengine playing back audio. (07/01/14):
-Fixed ogg vorbis playback over chromecast (ogg/opus does not seem to work on the chromecast unfortunately)
-Added support for embedded album art over chromecast
-Embedded album art now maintains its aspect ratio in the widgets
-Fixed various chromecast related bugs/crashes
-Fixed crashes when detecting if wifi is connected
-Added Ukranian translation

1.6.0 (06/26/14):
-Added Chromecast support
-Added basic analytics
-Security improvements
-Split view is now available to more devices
-Added support for the ITUNESNORM tag (sound check)
-Added ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission for chromecast support
-Removed android.permission.READ_LOGS permission since its no longer being used
-Added option to send "Artist - Album" in the artist field over bluetooth (Prefs -> General -> Send Album With Artist)
-Added option to download all missing album art in the background.  (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Download Missing Art)
-If no album art, let metadata extend across the whole screen in landscape
-The queue will now reposition on track change as long as the user is not actively scrolling the list
-Auto remove trailing spaces in smart playlist rules
-Improved support for dates in cue files
-Improved seek bar positioning immediately after seeking
-Updated translations
-Correctly map id3 POPM rating tag to the right values
-Fixed queue always showing 0:00 for the current playing time
-Fixed last played stats in the backup
-Fixed issue where the album header would still show after backing out of an album
-Fixed a few issues when using Date Added Asc/Desc as the song sort order
-Handle issue where folder cannot be sorted correctly (04/29/14):
-Fixed Queue -> Play Next
-Fixed the album image's context menu
-Fixed issue where delete context menu option is not always available in the song view
-Fixed rare case where playing a track using the context menu would start at the beginning of the album instead of the selected track
-Fixed some typos in the preferences
-Fixed issue where the image cache does not get setup correctly
-Toggling between artist and album artist mode will now properly refresh the album and track count
-Properly handle cue files with years with dashes (ie 2009-07)
-Caught exception trying to listen for incoming phone calls (to pause the music) when the user denies GMMP the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. Please do not block this permission and expect the app to work correctly.
-Lots of other minor bug fixes (04/08/14):
-Added logging to crashlytics
-Improved formatting of lyrics which only contain the carriage return character at the end of each line
-Another attempt at fixing AVRCP 1.3 on samsung devices
-Fixed pause when changing tracks when listening via bluetooth on some samsung devices
-Fixed crash when changing tracks multiple times quickly
-Fixes for m4a RATE tag
-Fixed bug where the sleep timer would be five times longer than its supposed to be when using for a 2nd time in a single session
-Added kitkat sdcard access workaround for deleting files and saving image files to the sdcard
-Fixed context menu options for Genre -> Artist -> All Songs
-Other minor fixes
-Updated German translation
-Included GMMP version name/code in error reports (03/26/14):
-Added support for the RATE tag in m4a/aac files
-Fixed honeycomb crashes
-Fixed issue where the actionbar would not show on honeycomb
-Fixed issue where active EQ preset would not save
-Fixed crash with the split view on some devices
-Fixed other various crashes
-Updated translations (03/06/2014):
-Fixed crash playing flac files with multiple embedded album art images
-Fixed another crash when enabling the virtualizer on devices that do not support it
-Fixed some other crashes when destroying the UI
-Fixed crash in the tag editor
-Updated Japanese translation (02/27/2014):
-Fixed 'Traditional Back Button' option and 'Double Back to Exit'
-The edit preset button is now enabled when the default preset is set
-Show album art is now enabled by default as a menu option in now playing
-Screen rotation will no longer reset the album art search text
-Added warning if the installed unlocker is invalid.  An outdated version or an incompatible version (amazon unlocker with google play trial) will trigger the warning.
-Updated translations
-Fixed some crashes caused by list item items not being able to be created
-Fixed crash in the preferences activity
-Fixed crash in the library views on shutdown
-Fixed crash shutting down the queue view
-Fixed crash loading the preferences on gingerbread
-Fixed crash setting/resetting the rating in now playing
-Fixed crash when enabling the virtualizer (or setting the strength) on devices that do not support it
-Fixed crash setting the total time in the queue
-Caught exception when pasting text into a text box in GMMP running a skin on a Xiaomi MI 2S
-Fixed crash when a user denies GMMP the READ_PHONE_STATE permission
-Fixed crash on shutdown on Amazon devices
-Fixed crash adjusting volume
-Fixed other various crashes
-Fixed crash in album art selector
-Fixed crash playing a song in a smart playlist
-Fixed crash showing lyrics
-Fixed crash in effects layout
-Fixed crash closing scanner activity

1.5.0 (02/21/2014):

-Rewrote UI to use fragments and loaders. The UI should now be smoother and more responsive
-Added swiping between views (right bezel swipe only in now playing to allow for gestures)
-Added option to disable swipe navigation (Prefs -> UI -> Swipe Navigation)
-Added Split mode for tablets (Prefs -> UI -> Split Mode)
-Replaced Equalizer tab with a new Effects tab
-Added playback speed control with auto pitch correction
-Added virtualizer and bass boost
-Added the ability to select the font size, font style, number of lines, display style, and text alignment for each metadata line in now playing
-Added album field to the file/track tag editor
-Added play next album and play previous album to the gesture/single button actions.  Fling up and down are now defaulted to next/prev album.  Next/prev album will order all the albums by artist then album name and then pick the next/previous one.
-Added increase/decrease tempo to single button actions and gesture actions
-Added ability to rename views/tabs (prefs -> ui -> rename views)
-Added options to scan mp4 and 3gp files to the scanner (both are off by default since they are typically video extensions)
-Added support for updating the playback position using the standard lockscreen music controls (4.3+ only)
-Added ability to turn off the navigation bar (choose "off" when setting the navigation bars location)
-Added option to disable broadcasting metadata (this interferes with some bluetooth receivers)
-Enabled proguard with optimizations turned on
-Last played time is now saved in the stats backup
-Added intents to automate backup/restore for users that purchased the unlocker: gonemad.gmmp.action.BACKUP_STATS, gonemad.gmmp.action.BACKUP_SETTINGS, gonemad.gmmp.action.RESTORE_STATS, gonemad.gmmp.action.RESTORE_SETTINGS
-Added ARMv7 optimized build
-Added support for resizable widgets
-Added higher res icons
-Added better visual touch feedback to the buttons in now playing, notifications, and widgets
-Added animations when adding / removing new rules in smart playlists and when toggling the media controls in now playing
-Switched crash reporting from ACRA to Crashlytics

Updates / Improvements:
-The UI will now auto refresh library views as new music is scanned in or tags are changed
-Changed around the default look of the metadata on now playing.  Text is centered and the icons are turned off. All six slots have been reset to make sure these changes take effect.
-Reset all the now playing slots
-Removed shuffle and repeat indicator; the shuffle and repeat button now uses different button images to represent the shuffle/repeat mode
-Shuffle and repeat buttons are now visible next to the seek bar in now playing when seek bar buttons are enabled
-Increased a few of the font sizes for tablet layouts
-Updated holo skins
-Updated classic skins with newer icons and removed the image buttons
-Classic silver and classic cyan are now external skins
-Old style navigation removed from classic skins along with the icons in the navigation bar
-Updated translations
-Loading spinner when searching for lyrics is now cancelable
-GMMP lockscreen will now hide any open software keyboards when it is launched
-The black background option will no longer be applied to classic skins due to it looking ugly
-The keyboard is now hidden after closing the tag editor
-Changed single click and hold's default action to none to prevent accidentally toggling shuffle
-Split seek time preference into 2; one for seek forward and one for seek back
-A random song will be enqueued when GMMP is first ran after installation.  This is to prevent the black screen
-Native libraries are now always extracted from assets on install/update due to some bugs in the android apk installer
-Improved responsiveness of the plus/minus buttons in the jump to time dialog
-On honeycomb and higher, the default holo theme is used for dialogs/popups for skins.  This is to prevent a mismatch of colors from the skins
-Fixed action bar not showing on in the save to playlist activity
-Next/Previous track will now change tracks instead of repeating when Repeat Track mode is enabled
-Renamed 'File Browser' tab to 'Folder'
-Navigation bar will now spread out the tabs better
-Limited pending UI update requests to 1
-Removed refresh menu option from artist/album/song/genre views as these views auto refresh as your library changes
-Manual error reports are now sent through email
-Removed 4x4 transparent widget since the regular 4x4 widget can be made transparent
-Auto resume disabled by default for docked connections
-Going to a previous track when using 'Play Next File' as the On Queue Completion setting will no longer wipe the current queue
-Default album art is now used if no art was found when viewing an album

-Attempted to fix Samsung 4.3 AVRCP 3.0 issue
-Fixed gallery option to select album art on the device for android 4.4
-Playback position is now properly restored if you pause, press next/prev track, then exit
-Fixed sleep timer being inaccurate when the screen is off
-Fixed crash when orientation changes while a spinner dialog is opening
-Fixed 'All Songs' when sorting by date added (must set sort order again for fix to take effect)
-Next track now correctly works with repeat track on and shuffle is enabled
-Prevent the queue from looping on error
-Auto resume can no longer start playback during a phone call
-Fixed some issues with resume on call end
-Fixed equalizer scrubber offset when the device is in landscape
-Fixed auto pause not working until the preferences were viewed at least one time
-Fixed other various crashes? (11/25/2013):
-Album art will now correctly load in widgets on android 4.4
-Album artist will only be sent over AVRCP if the tag exists, otherwise only the artist tag is sent
-Updated translations (11/16/2013):
-New launcher icon, status icon, and default album art image
-Auto resume disabled by default for docked connections
-Fixed auto pause not working until the preferences were viewed at least one time
-Going to a previous track when using 'Play Next File' as the On Queue Completion setting will no longer wipe the current queue
-What's new section is now a webview for better formatting
-Fixed potential crash when crossfading to another track (11/03/2013):
-Updated for Android 4.4 KitKat
-Fixed another silent crash that could occur when changing tracks with the equalizer enabled
-Fixed crossfade issue where GMMP would crossfade into the second track instead of the first when selecting a new album/folder
-Updated Spanish translations (10/13/2013):
-Fixed silent crash that would occur randomly when changing tracks (and some other situations)
-Added album art support for APEv2 tags
-Caught and handled some various exceptions
-Updated Spanish and German translations (09/15/2013):
-Fixed bug where you couldnt play a song in a playlist after changing to another tab
-Fixed bug where playlist changes failed to save
-Album art downloader will no longer try to find the album art if both the album and artist are blank
-Updated russian translation (09/11/2013):
-Fixed bug where custom metadata line wouldnt show correctly if the metadata text had a dollar sign in it
-Fixed potential crash after setting a custom background
-Caught exception thrown when in correctly connecting to the music service
-Fixed crash when destroying the lyrics view
-Fixed crash unbinding from musiXmatch service
-Caught some misc exceptions (08/16/2013):
-Fixed issue where songs would always bookmark when the music service would shutdown
-Album art location is now broadcasted out along with the playing song information
-Bitrate is now estimated for M4A / ALAC files if the bitrate cannot be read from tags (08/09/2013):
-Fixed issue where sort order would not take effect until backing out and reselecting the item
-Fixed many of the album sorting options when "ignore prefix" is enabled
-Fixed crash when changing album art for albums that didnt have album art to begin with (caused by sorry!) (08/07/2013):
-Albums view 'Artist Asc/Desc' sort now sorts by Artist then AlbumName
-Added 'Artist - Album Year Asc/Desc' sort option for albums view
-Fixed issue where auto pause/resume would be applied until the option was changed in the preferences.
-Fixed case where album art would not update in now playing after selecting a new image
-Fixed crash when trying to read unknown id3 frames
-Fixed potential crash when reading an invalid adts aac file
-Bookmarks are now properly saved when exiting or letting the music service timeout
-Fixed bug with restoring bookmarks if the crossfade preference was never turned on at some point (07/25/2013):
-Updated for android 4.3
-File scanner will now read files in a folder in alphabetical order
-Russian and Chinese translations updated
-Fixed for icons showing incorrectly in folders with cue files
-Fixed potential crash in tag editor
-Fixed rare crash when loading the audioengine libraries
-Fixed crash caused by an invalid saved playlist position (07/18/2013):
-Fixed crash when long pressing a smart playlist and selecting play (07/15/2013):
-Fixed crash on startup for ARMv7 devices running gingerbread

1.4.16 (07/14/2013):
-Embedded album art will now correctly show on the ICS lockscreen controls
-Fixed potential ANR when changing repeat modes
-Added 'Date Added' sorting order
-Pressing the 'Playlists' tab a second time will now reset the view
-'Ignore Prefix When Sorting' now applies to album lists when sorting by artist
-Fixed album count in the genre view for artists in multiple genres
-Added default replaygain setting to use when no RG tags are found
-Improved handling of corrupt id3v2 tags
-Fixed bitrate calculation for opus files and very large flac files
-Added 'Most Played' as a new default smart playlist (will only be created on installation)
-Added ability to rename playlist files
-Pressing next track when at the end of the queue will now loop the queue if "On Queue Completion" is set to stop
-Added Year, Artist sorting order to the album tab
-Album art opacity now applies to custom background images
-Added option to stop playback after each track (Prefs -> Playback -> Stop After Each Track)
-Long press of shuffle button is now configurable (Play Random Album or Start Shuffle Collection)
-Added advanced remote controls (double/triple/click&hold/etc actions can be set for next/prev/ffwd/rwd/stop).  This is not compatible with some bluetooth devices and headsets
-Reset all the auto pause/play options and switched the preferences to a multiple option checklist.  You can select Wired, Bluetooth, and/or Dock
-Fixed issue where playback would pause/resume when it was not supposed to when connecting/disconnecting to car bluetooth audio
-All tracks in a smart playlist will now be added to the queue when playing a single track from the smart playlists
-A few misc bug fixes (06/24/2013):
-Fixed bug causing playback to resume after an audiofocus request was received when playback was paused/stopped
-Fixed issue with the custom background not taking effect immediately
-Fixed composer and disc number being on the same line in the custom metadata legend
-Cleaned up the "browse storage" list when selecting folder locations
-Added "/storage/external_SD" to the default external sdcard location list
-Fixed issue with scanner not reading folders with .. in the folder name
-Fixed issue where the next track info would not correctly update in now playing / lockscreen
-Improved support for playing files from external file browsers
-Fixed playing/enqueing folders with flac files in them (flac file were being skipped if they didnt have embedded cue files)
-Split 'All Songs' sort order into 3 separate preferences, one for genre, one for artist, and the last for the songs tab.  Genre/Artist will default to Album Asc.
-GMMP now listens for view intents of the mimetype: application/x-flac (06/16/2013):
-Album artist tag is now factored into grouping albums in the same folder if it exists
-Fixed bug causing playlists and cue files to not show up in the file browser root folder
-Fixed album count + track count in the genre view to only show the number of albums and tracks that match the selected genre
-Fixed track count when viewing an album with multiple artists in artist mode
-Fixed multiple word searches for the playlist file search
-Fixed issue with lyrics where everything is on the same line
-Changing artist/albumartist mode in the genre view will now also refresh the artist view
-Genre -> All Albums will only show songs from the selected genre when clicking on an album
-Improved Galaxy S3 recognition for the auto haptic warning
-Fixed some playback/duration issues with poorly coded m4a files
-Fixed potential loop when playing next/prev folder/file
-Next folder/file will now wrap back to the beginning when it reaches the end of the file structure
-Gallery option in album art selector will now allow you to use file explorers as well as the gallery
-Disabled testmode for musixmatch plugin
-Fixed bug causing playback to not resume after pausing from an audiofocus request
-Scanner will skip paths containing ".." in the name
-A bunch of improvements to Artist mode so it only shows / plays songs from that artist instead of the whole album
-Added 'Show Lyrics' gesture action
-Album year sort will now sort albums of the same year alphabetical. You will have to reselect the sorting order for it to take affect
-Deleted files/folders will show as blank list items until the view can be refreshed
-Fixed issue with the artist view not showing search results correctly after the orientation changes
-Caught exception when destroying the UI
-Updated translations

1.4.15 (06/09/2013):
-Added lyrics support for embedded lyrics
-Added lyrics search through musiXmatch
-Composer tag is now read and able to be shown on now playing (%cp%)
-Added a new repeat mode.  There is now repeat queue and repeat track/one
-Added playlist file search
-Added 'Play Next' context menu option to the queue. This will move the selected track to underneath the currently playing track and will turn off shuffle.
-Added option to show/hide file stats in the file browser
-Added option to require a second press of the back button to exit gmmp. Prefs -> General -> Double Back To Exit

Updates / Improvements:
-Replaced all the media control icons and added visual touch feedback to them. Widgets might need to be readded to the home screen to work
-Replaced the metadata icons
-Improved editing tags of whole folders
-Now playing menu actions reset back to default (so show lyrics is visible to everyone)
-Sleep timer changed to a range of 5min to 600min.  The slider moves in increments of 5min
-Added /storage/ext_sd to default scan locations
-Added "single", "disc", "hits", "anthology", and "volume" to the ignore year keyword list
-Added warning on first startup for galaxy s3 users to disable auto haptic
-Added warning when turning on 'Always Keep Device Awake'.  It will drain your battery very quickly
-Added scanner option for to group songs with no album tag by artist instead of with all songs with unknown albums (Prefs -> Scanner -> Group Unknown By Artist)
-Ignore year scanner option defaulted to always
-The front cover in files with multiple embedded images will now be shown instead of the first image found (id3v2, flac, and wma only)
-Reset and split 'Auto Pause' setting into "Off, Wired, Bluetooth, and Both"
-'Add to playlist' activity now has a black background
-Added software menu button to 'Add to playlist' activity for devices without a hardware menu button
-Setting AudioFocus volume to 0% will now pause playback instead of mute
-Long pressing the pause/play button in now playing will now stop the current track and reset the time back to 0:00
-Updated translations
-Clearing the queue will now reset the background album art and clear the widgets
-The queue will no longer loop if 'Remove After Play' is enabled and the queue only contains one track

-Fixed some bugs with multi-file cuesheets
-Playing/enqueuing by folder will now handle cue files correctly
-GMMP will no longer crossfade when shuffle is off, 'On Shuffle Only' and 'Disable When Gapless' are on, and there is no gapless transition
-Fixed bug causing the .nomedia file to not be created in the albumart folder
-Fixed issue saving playback position when the queue completes and when you seek while paused
-Fixed a bug causing playback to end early on the last track of the queue
-Fixed issue album art background was being blended with the default gradient background causing it to not look as good at lower opacity settings
-Fixed issue playing songs using an external file browser

1.4.14 (05/24/2013):
-Auto download of album art now enabled by default
-Auto album art searches will now wait a bit before searching again when no results are returned.  This is to cut down on the number search requests.
-Added support for nonstandard metadata in cuesheets (YEAR and GENRE)
-Artist, album, genre, and year read from a cue file will now be used if present
-Added support for cuesheets that reference multiple audio files
-Added option to toggle file icons in the browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show File Icons)
-The tag editor will now attempt to merge albums in the database after editing an albums name, year, or albumartist
-Fixed install error on pre android 2.1 devices
-Fixed playing flac files with an embedded cuesheets
-Fixed bug with the Shuffle context menu option which would cause every selection to play on shuffle queue
-Fixed inaccurate times when seeking or changing tracks in cue files
-Caught out of memory error when trying to get embedded album art
-Fixed bug causing split albums during the initial scan (only for files in different folders)
-Fixed all context menu options for the artist view when listing by artist (by default it lists by albumartist)
-Fixed some bugs causing the file scanner from never finishing
-You are no longer able to add "/" as a path to the scanner
-Menu -> Save in the playlists view will now save even if there were no changes to the playlist

1.4.13 (5/20/2013):
-Fixed an issue where GMMP would not receive headset/remote control button presses
-A black background is now used instead of the gradient background (Prefs -> UI -> Background)
-Expanded notification option disabled for pre jelly bean devices
-Added an 'Always on Top' option for the lockscreen.  Turning this off will allow text message dialogs show up over top of the lockscreen player
-Playing/enqueuing an 'All Songs', an artist or a genre will sort the tracks using the sort order used for 'All Songs'
-Playing/enqueuing an Album will sort the tracks using the sort order used when viewing an album
-Added 'Artist - Album Year' sort option for viewing all songs
-Fixed bug causing equalizer presets to not be created on first launch
-By default gmmp will now continue on to the next file once a single track queue completes
-Minimum crossfade values dropped to 100ms
-Added option to completely exit/shutdown GMMP via back button.  (Prefs -> General -> Exit With Back Button)
-Updated translations (05/14/2013):
-Updated translations
-Added Polish translation
-More music service timeout fixes
-Fixed bug that caused ICS lockscreen controls to disappear when pausing
-Fixed bug where opacity was not able to set for widgets
-Fixed crash related to very large embedded art images on low memory devices
-Fixed some more application not responding errors
-Added additional font sizes for now playing
-Fixed bug causing the widgetupdateservice to randomly start

1.4.12 (05/11/2013):
-Fixed laggy widgets. Note: Widgets might need to be readded to your homescreen to work correctly
-Balance is now applied to 16-bit stereo files before downmixing to mono when force mono is enabled
-Added multi-window support for samsung devices that support multi-window
-Significantly sped up sorting by artist, trackname, and track number in the file browser
-Changed track number on the widgets to queue position.
-Queue position is now hidden in notifications and widgets if there is only one track in the queue
-Expanded notifications will no longer show the default gmmp logo in the big art area if there is no album art
-Expanded notifications no longer show the album name twice
-Fixed some issues where custom lines in now playing wouldnt update
-Text in browser folder list items will no longer be cutoff with show folder stats off
-Added "complete", and "box" to the file scanners year ignore keyword list
-Now playing progress bar now only updates when the progress has actually changed
-Double tap gesture action is now set to nothing by default instead of toggle fullscreen
-Fixed issue with the music service timeout where the Queue and Now Playing would not properly update on track or playlist change
-Balance is now saved when creating a equalizer preset
-Caught exception when checking for the unlocker
-Fixed widgets dimensions on the nexus 7 (they were 3 cells instead of 4)
-Fixed some ANRs

1.4.11 (05/01/2013):
-Added 24bit wav playback support
-More music service timeout improvements
-Now playing/notifications will display the filename when there is no trackname found in the tags
-Added some code to lower the chances of the operating system killing the music service when low on resources
-Scanner will now remove the file extension when reading in the playlist name
-Added option to enable/disable expanded notifications
-'Detect only a2dp connections' is now enabled by default
-Added Vietnamese translation
-Fixed bug where the music service would restart immediately after closing when using Menu - Exit

1.4.10 (04/25/2013):
-Added "ignore year" option to the scanner. 'Smart' will ignore the year in songs with "hits", "best of", "collection", "compilation", or "various artist" in the album name and in the same folder when grouping into an album
-Added simple/detail style options to notification controls. Detailed = original version; simple uses the standard fonts and only shows track name, artist, album art, and controls.
-Adjusted formatting of detailed notification controls to line up the album art with other notifications
-Added queue position before the song title in the detailed notification controls
-Added 'Show Album Art' option for the notification controls (4.0+ only)
-Added new gesture/single button actions: Toggle Mono, Play Random From Queue, Rating Up, and Rating Down
-Added artist sort to songs view (Orders by artist name, album, disc no, then finally track no)
-Added option to wrap long text in the file browser (Prefs -> library -> file browser -> wrap text)
-Album art thumbnail slots in the album view will now start off blank instead of the default icon
-Single button mode is now enabled by default
-Equalizer band count now defaults to 10 for 4.1+
'Auto Resume' and 'Always Resume When Plugged' now have 4 possible choices: Off, Wired, Bluetooth, and Both
-Playlists are written to a temporary file first and then renamed to prevent accidentally erasing a playlist on write error
-Fixed some cases where the notification would show when it was not supposed to
-'Clean Database' will now remove anything in the database that is in an ignore folder
-Deleting the last file in the queue while having that file paused will now completely stop playback.
-Now playing will now update if the tags of the current or next track are changed
-Fixed bug with jump to playing where it wouldnt work the first time after an orientation change
-Fixed issue where notification would disappear sometimes with 'Show When Paused' enabled
-Fixed crash in custom skins when pasting text into the save preset or new playlist edit text box
-Fixed other various crashes
-Updated Spanish, Chinese, German, and Japanese translations (04/18/2013):
-Fixed duration calculation for mpeg-2 layer 3 files (was broken by the update)
-Added additional delete file/folder warnings
-Removed delete option from search context menu (it did not do anything) (04/17/2013):
-Fixed issue where lockscreen would not populate metadata about the next track, rating, or playlist position
-Now playing no long clears all the metadata after deleting the current track's album art
-Songs from different albums are no longer grouped together when they are in the same folder but have the same album name (the year must be different)
-Fixed mp3 duration calculation for files that use the VBRI header instead of the Xing header
-Improved 'Music Service Timeout'.  The service should now timeout if you left gmmp with the home button
-Fixed issue where lockscreen does not show
-Updated translations (04/12/2013):
-Added traditional Chinese translation
-Updated translations
-Fixed Musepack playback with replaygain enabled
-Fixed rare case where playback wakelock does not get properly released
-Fixed rare case where an empty notification would display and not go away
-Fixed crash when trying to display file paths with certain characters in the browser location bar
-Fixed nullptr crash in the widgets
-Error reports no longer accept in the email field. This should be your email address.
-Fixed issue where the wrong menu would display for the playlists tab (04/07/2013):
-Handled exception when getting the default background fails
-Fixed crash when trying to save the state of the playlist files tab
-Fixed crash when trying to paste something into gmmp

1.4.9 (04/04/2013):
-Added a location bar to the file browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show Location Bar)
-Added ability to use custom images for the background (Prefs -> UI -> Background -> Custom)
-Prefs -> Queue -> Play On Select is now enabled by default
-Selecting the currently playing song in the queue will now play/pause the current track instead of restarting
-Fixed local image art search order
-Enabled hardware acceleration for honeycomb and newer
-Fixed orientation lock
-Fixed skin name being cut off in skin selector in landscape mode
-Added option for showing subfolder/file counts in the file browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show Folder Stats)
-Android eq is disabled when enabling external dsp (gmmp eq will still work)
-Added preference to force mono playback (Prefs -> Audio -> Playback -> Force Mono)
-Resampling fixes for alac, wma and a few other format types
-Added some stats about the queue underneath the list (Prefs -> Queue -> Show Summary Bar)
-Fixed drag and drop issue where it would show the incorrect list item when dragging
-Clicking on a playlist in the playlists tab will now allow you to view/edit it
-Added warning when deleting an artist, album, song, or genre
-Reduced repeats when selecting a random album
-Fixed silent crash on some devices caused by exiting the app with opensl off and restarting gmmp
-Removed unnecessary UI refreshes for now playing and the lockscreen player
-Albums with no album art will now respond to press/long press in the area where the album art usually shows
-OpenSL is now disable by default for mp3 playback (it was too unreliable)
-Caught exception in the drag and drop list views
-Caught exception thrown when trying to get the current track of an empty playlist
-Fixed nullptr in ImageGalleryAdapter
-Caught stackoverflow exception thrown by ACRA
-Caught exception thrown when sorting the smart playlists
-Fixed bug that should prevent GMMP from not responding after the device has been idle for a long time

1.4.8 (03/15/2013):
-Improved resampling: sample rates higher than 48khz now supported and multi channel audio is now downmixed to stereo (for most formats)
-Musepack file now play back at the correct volume
-Fixed another issue with certain files playing back at incorrect speeds
-Added /mnt/external_SD and /mnt/external to the default external sdcard location list
-Added File Extension (%ext%) and Next File Extension (%next%) to the custom metadata options
-Re-prioritized local image search to pick images named 'folder' first, then 'cover', then anything containing 'front'
-Added skipping/stuttering warning when increasing the equalizer quality setting
-Added option to toggle shuffle queue and collection individually to the gesture and singlebutton action list
-Clicking on an album cover in the song list view will now follow the Song Actions preferences (On Select Playing, On Select Stopped)
-Long pressing the album cover in the song list view will bring up the album context menu
-Browser sorting is now persisted
-Added option to flash the playing song in the status bar when playback is started or the track changes (Prefs -> General -> Show In Status Bar)
-Added option to stop playback when another music player starts playing (Prefs -> Audio -> Stop On AudioFocus Loss)
-Added individual gesture actions for: jump to artist, albumartist, album, genre, and folder.
-Fixed bug where orientation would change even if the device had auto rotated disabled
-%aa% and %naa% will use the artist tag if the album artist tag is not present
-Added preference for enabling external dsp support (Prefs -> Audio -> Equalizer -> Use External Dsp).  It is off by default.

1.4.7 (03/04/2013):
-Fixed crash related to invalid min audio buffer size
-The next track in now playing will now properly update after reordering the queue
-Fixed notification related crash
-Fixed some instances where the seekbar would jump back to the beginning temporarily when playing
-Improved seekbar accuracy with the equalizer enabled
-Improved seek response time
-Slightly reduced default memory usage
-Tweaked the audioengine for improved performance and less stuttering when screen is off (problem with many HTC devices)
-Reset buffer size, dsp priority, and decoder priority in the settings due to the tweaks mentioned above
-Audiofocus is now regained after resuming playback
-External dsps like DspManager should now work with GMMP

1.4.6 (02/19/2013):
-External skins will show the correct default album cover again instead of the artist icon in list views

1.4.5 (02/17/2013):
-Fixed issue playing a song from an external browser when the database was just reset or no track was selected to play
-Fixed crash caused by invalid replaygain tags
-Id3v2 tags with the extended header flag improperly set can now be read
-More AVRCP 1.3 fixes
-The keyboard will no longer go fullscreen when in landscape mode
-Improved loading speed for album art loading in album view
-Added refresh menu option to browser view
-Fixed slide right to delete (edit mode only) in queue view
-Fixed issue where next/prev folder would skip subfolders of folders with music files in it
-Clicking the album art when viewing an albums track list will now play the album
-Added album artist to tag editor for artists, tracks, and files
-Fixed some dialog related crashes
-Local image search will skip subfolders with .nomedia in it

1.4.4 (02/07/2013):
-Playback should now go to the next track when shuffle is enabled and a playback error occurs
-Playlist files can now be played via intents/external file browsers
-Scan notifications will now auto cancel on completion if 0 files are found
-Improved scrolling smoothness on most list views
-Updated German translation
-Fixed issue where the ICS lockscreen music controls would not show up
-Fixed AVRCP 1.3 on many devices
-Fixed name sort and added filename sort for the smart view
-Fixed repeat issue related to playing files from external file browsers
-Fixed bug with scanning embedded cues
-Fixed bug where next track would not update in now playing
-Fixed issue where the song title was blank in the notification controls for songs referenced in a .cue file
-Fixed bug where embedded art would be overridden by an image in the albums folder
-Fixed bug tracks from embedded cues would not properly load in the queue when starting GMMP
-Files with embedded cuesheets no longer add to the scan count if the file was already scanned.

1.4.3 (01/30/13):
-Added option to bypass the android keyguard/lockscreen (Prefs -> General -> Lockscreen -> Bypass Keyguard)
-A .nomedia file is now added to the default album art location (gmmp/albumart) when its first created
-Added /Removable, /extSdCard, and /storage/sdcard1 as default paths if they exist on the device
-Added options to add/remove 'All Songs' and 'All Albums' from the genre view (Prefs -> Library -> Genre -> Add 'All Songs' / Add 'All Albums'
-Added options to add/remove 'All Songs' from the artist view (Prefs -> Library -> Artist -> Add 'All Songs'
-Genre tags are now only formatted when the format tags option is enabled in the scanner (requires rescan)
-Toggling repeat will now update the next track accordingly on now playing
-Fixed next/prev track with repeat on to always repeat the current track
-The android EQ will attempt to be used if the GM dsp library fails to load
-Fixed crash with the context menu in the queue view
-Fixed crash involving notifications when a few consecutive tracks fail to play
-Reset 'Disable ICS Lockscreen Controls' preference and added a warning due to it disabling AVRCP 1.3 support
-File scanner will now read the rating from the tags and store it in the database
-Fixed issue where previously scanned files had a 'null' rating instead of 0
-Added sort options to the top level of the smart view (Name and Date)
-Updated Spanish, German, and Japanese translations
-Fixed bug where the next track's metadata would show up blank in now playing
-Fixed reading cue files that start with a track number higher than 1

1.4.2 (01/17/13):
-%MTRACK now properly updates when pausing playback, changing tracks, and then resuming playback
-Caught illegalstateexception when trying to get current position or duration after a mediaplayer error
-Fixed crash caused by trying to open tag editor from now playing when no song has been selected
-Fixed replaygain for ogg playback
-Fixed some issues related to loading the audioengine
-Updated german and japanese translations

1.4.1 (01/10/13):
-Fixed crash that can occur once a song completes
-Fixed some potential race conditions
-Caught exception thrown by ACRA for initializing more than once
-Caught exception when setting custom metadata lines

1.4.0 (01/06/13):
-Added smart playlists
-Added recently played and recently added as default smart playlists
-Added completely customizable metadata lines for now playing
-Added AAC-ADTS/3GP support for android 4.0+
-Added backup/restore for playcounts/ratings (Prefs -> General -> Backup)
-Added song ratings
-Headset/bluetooth media controls (next/prev/rrwd/ffwd/stop) can be assigned custom actions
-Added Date Added and Last Played to the database
-Scanner now populates date added when scanning
-Last played and playcount are now updated when a song finishes playing
-Added xhdpi launcher icon
-Added option to run a scan when the sdcard is mounted (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Media Mounted)
-Added scan on musicservice startup option (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Startup)
-Added disc number support to the tag editor
-Added open tag editor as a gesture action
-Added option to add 'All Songs' to the top of the song view (Prefs -> Library -> Song Library -> Add 'All Songs')
-The menu options for now playing are now configurable (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options)
-Added embedded cue support for flac files
-Added advanced shuffle cancellation options (Prefs -> Queue -> Shuffle Cancellation)
-Added ability to change the order of the views on the Navigation bar (prefs -> ui -> view order)
-Added ability to adjust gesture sensitivity (prefs -> now playing -> vertical/horizontal sensitivity)
-Added 'Shuffle' to the context menu which will play the selection and turns on shuffle queue
-Added option to Long press the tag area in now playing to show the Jump To Playing menu (prefs -> now playing -> jump to playing menu)
-Added a preference local backup/restore option (prefs -> general -> backup)
-Added opus, and wma lossless support
-Added menu option to create new playlist in the Playlists view (menu -> new)
-Added ability to add to the end of a playlist file (Context menu -> 'Add To Playlist')
-Added "Next Track's Filename" to the displayed tags list
-Added jump to playing artist/albumartist/album/genre/folder via "Jump To Playing Menu"
-Added "Jump To Playing Menu" and "Play Random Track" to the gesture actions

Updates / Improvements:
-Switched ogg decoder from ffmpeg to Tremor to improve decoding performance
-Bug fixes/improvements for tta, wma, alac, ape, wav, and wv decoders
-Removed opencore dependency for mp3 and aac demuxers
-Improved support for itunes gapless tags in the mp3 comment field
-Renamed Playlist view to Queue
-Improved tag writing performance
-Improved loading speed of embedded album art
-Changed the default slot 4 tag to rating (was genre before)
-Search will now AND each word instead of searching for the whole string ("all that" = "all" AND "that")
-Updated status icons
-Minor adjustments to the scanner layout to display better on smaller screens
-Changed default single tap gesture to do nothing
-Removed gradient backgrounds to tag editor, scanner, about, whats new, compatibility, error log, help, image selection, and widget setup views
-Parameterized sqlite queries for increased performance
-Decreased font size in the Compatibility view
-Improved file browser list positioning when jumping to folder
-Added border and curved edges to launcher icon
-Moved database stats, auto scan, and clean database to the preferences
-The tag editor can now edit whole folders
-Made the playing toasts translatable
-Song will now fade out when a crossfade is not possible (different sample rates / channel count)
-Split playlist preferences into Queue and Playlists preferences
-Local album art search will now scan folders with "art" in the name
-Added option to open the keyboard when switching to the search view (Prefs -> Search -> Open Keyboard)
-Added descriptions to Single Button Actions preferences
-Set long press gesture to jump to playing menu by default
-Improvements to random album and song selection to reduce repeats
-Sped up the file scanner
-An email address is now needed to manually send an error report
-Now playing slots are now limited to 3 lines of text each
-Updated ACRA to 4.4.0
-DRM protected WMA files will no longer attempt to play

-Fixed issue where decreasing the volume using a gesture would change the volume 2 steps instead of 1
-Fixed jump to playing folder bug when the playing song is in the root folder
-Fixed bug in file browser that would prevent you from going back to the previous folder
-Fixed issues crossfading to or from a song shorter than the crossfade time
-Fixed some crashes when using external skins on motorola devices
-Fixed fade out when crossfade is not possible when eq is disabled
-Fixed some issues when trying to save tags to a currently playing track
-Fixed crash in 4.2 when trying to play back certain mp3 files
-Fix for some m4a files playing fast
-Fixed bug that would cause nothing to happen when attempting to play a file from an external file browser
-Fixed issue where %MPLAYSTATE was not set to STOPPED when the queue ended
-Fixed some bugs related to reading mp3 tags
-Fixed issue where the horizontal seek bars would get cut off at the edges on certain devices

1.3.22 (12/15/2012):
-Fixed bug where the playlist view wouldnt update after removing a song
-Fixed some crashes caused by bad audio files
-Fixed context menu for filename search results
-Fixed image selector crash when selecting gallery on a device without an image viewer

1.3.21 (12/1/2012):
-Fixed issue where mp3 header information was not properly being read causing slow/fast playback
-If a file does not have an artist tag but does have an albumartist tag, the scanner will use the albumartist tag for both
-Fixed potential crash when updating notification with low memory
-Updated czech translation

1.3.20 (11/25/2012):
-Fixed bug where the notification would not go away when exiting gmmp
-Fixed potential crash on shutdown
-Fixed crash during playback error
-Fixed crash when pasting text into an text box while using a skin

1.3.19 (11/22/2012):
-Moved most of the potentially heavy processing off of the UI thread to increase responsiveness and reduce freezes/ANRs
-Fixed bug where equalizer view doesnt show
-Updated to api level 17
-Fixed bug where android eq presets would not load
-Fix issue where single button mode would cause next / prev track to be ignored
-Updated german and italian translations
-Fixed crossfade bug where the song would not change and the controls would stop responding
-Album art selector will now properly show embedded art
-Fixed bug where the now playing menu would show up instead of the playlist menu
-Fixed reading replaygain values stored in the RGAD tag

1.3.18 (11/10/2012):
-Fixed crash when adjusting the eq balance when using an external skin

1.3.17 (11/8/2012):
-Fixed some parts of the equalizer that did not translate
-Updated Japanese and Russian translations

1.3.16 (11/6/2012):
-Added Japanese translation
-Fixed crash in the albums view with albumart disabled in external skins
-Fixed loading pls playlist files

1.3.15 (11/3/2012):
-Improved tag reading of mp3 files with corrupt tags
-Made some visual improvements to the drag and drop playlist
-Sped up the scanning of files with embedded tags
-Fixed seeking issues on some files longer than 30 minutes
-Fixed single press in playlist view to switch songs
-Fixed repeat icon on external skins
-Widgets will show default album art if no song is selected (instead of being blank)
-Fixed potential crash when resuming after a phone call
-Caught IllegalStateException when clicking on an item in one of the library views
-Fixed some other minor bugs

1.3.14 (10/24/2012):
-Fixed issue where the incorrect track would play when playing a folder with crossfade enabled
-Disc number now defaults to 1 instead of 0 to prevent albums being listed out of order
-Added folder recursion limit when trying to find the next/prev music folder
-Fixed potential crash in Playlist view
-Fixed potential crash when trying to extract embedded album art
-Fixed potential crash in the About view
-Updated Czech translation

1.3.13 (10/14/12):
-Fixed bug preventing playback to pause when unplugging a headset after receiving a call

1.3.12 (10/11/12):
-Fixed issue where audio would play for a fraction of a second before pausing when unplugging headphones
-Help activity now says 'Help' instead of 'Whats New'
-Fixed crash when clicking 'Download Skins' on devices without google play
-Changed target sdk to 16 (android 4.1)
-Updated spanish and italian translations
-Fixed issue where auto volume adjust would save incorrect volume when first starting gmmp
-Auto volume adjust should now override any volume adjustments done by the OS
-Fixed crash when no equalizer presets are found

1.3.11 (09/27/12):
-Added option to remove silence at beginning and end of non gapless tracks
-Added option to jump to now playing after selecting something to play (Prefs -> Library -> Return to Now Playing)
-Added option to toggle whether the database is cleaned after deleting a file (Prefs -> Library -> Browser -> Clean DB After Deletion)
-Added new sort options for all songs: 'Album Asc/Desc" and 'Album Year Asc/Desc'
-Added %MPLAYSTATE to tasker integration.  Values are either "PLAYING", "PAUSED", or "STOPPED"
-Added option to adjust the volume when receiving AudioFocus requests (Prefs -> Audio -> Playback -> AudioFocus Volume)
-'Select Album Art' added as a gesture option

Improvements / Changes:
-Filename is now used in the ICS lockscreen controls if trackname tag is not populated
-Filename and Folder are now used in the widgets if trackname and album tags are not populated
-Invalid audio files are now ignored
-Playlists view will now keep its position when the screen rotates
-Updated taglib to 1.8 final
-Blank list items are now used when the device runs out of memory instead of crashing

-Fixed issue where disc number was being ignored when sorting tracks in an album
-Fixed issue where the wrong sort options would show up for All Songs after selecting a song to play
-Fixed issue on android 4.0+ where the library views would reset to the top when going back to the view
-Fixed crash caused by an invalid notification
-Fixed some crashes on devices without google play
-Fixed crash when trying to play a random album with an empty database
-Caught rare exception when sorting browser list
-Fixed crash caused by out of memory error when transitioning album art
-Crossfading into an invalid file will no longer continue playing the first track

1.3.10 (09/13/12):
-Fixed crash when there is no album art

1.3.9 (09/13/12):
-Holo skins now support changing the location of the navigation bar (top/bottom/left/right)
-Added 'Play Random Album' to the gesture action list and single button remote action list
-Long press of the shuffle button will now play a random album
-Reduced repeats when playing random albums
-Added customizable widget opacity for android 2.2+ (widgets must be readded)
-Embedded album art is now given priority over folder art (must run a clean scan)
-Added an option to set the amount of time to wait to start playback after a bluetooth connection (Prefs -> General -> Headset Prefs -> Bluetooth Resume Delay)
-Added an option to ignore non a2dp bluetooth devices (Prefs -> General -> Headset Prefs -> Detect Only AD2P)
-Added 'length' and 'track title, num, and length' to the displayed tags list for now playing
-Updated ffmpeg to 0.6.6
-Apostraphes are now removed by default for album art searches
-Fixed bug where bluetooth audio would start playing then stop a second later
-Fixed some issues scanning files with no tags (or invalid tags)
-Fixed various crashes
-Fixed issue where every song is in the library twice
-Fixed issue where Prev/Next folder would sometimes not work
-Fixed filename too long error when download album art
-Updated german, spanish, italian, and russian translations

1.3.8 (08/15/12):
-Fixed scrobbling issue with shuffle all enabled
-Prefetch errors will cause the track to skip immediately instead of after the 5 second timeout
-Fixed playback speed of mono files on galaxy s2, note, and possibly other devices updated to ICS
-Album search now will show albums that match the album name, artist name, or album artist name
-Album search will now only show an album once for various artist albums
-Fixed issue where positions in file browser would be lost when changing views
-Selecting 'Play Next' will now cancel 'Shuffle Collection' if enabled
-Fixed crash when updating notification controls
-Caught out of memory exception when trying to load background art
-ICS lockscreen will no longer disappear after pausing playback
-Changing tracks when paused/stopped will no longer automatically start playback
-Added chinese translation
-Updated russian, czech, spanish and german translations
-Fixed gapless playback for 4.0+
-Fixed issue where there would be a gap between the first and second song when playing a folder
-Fixed crash during file deletion

1.3.7 (07/31/12):
-Replaced album art download service (old one stops working as of August 1st)
-Improved album art searches for poorly tagged albums
-Improved image loading speed when scrolling the album list
-Increased the timeout for loading large audio files
-Added option to use older mp3/aac decoders instead of opensl (uncheck Prefs -> Audio -> Enable OpenSL)
-Fixed crash related to cue files
-Fixed restore crash on HTC Sensation 4G (4.0.3)

1.3.6 (07/22/12):
-Added delete to artist, album, song, and genre views
-Deleted songs, albums, artists, etc are now removed from the database after deleting
-MP3 and AAC are now decoded with OpenSL ES on 4.0+ (HE-AAC v1/v2 now supported)
-Added czech translation

Improvements / Changes:
-Upgraded taglib to 1.8 beta
-Gesture recognition improvements for larger screen sizes
-Smoothed out default background gradient on older devices
-'Always resume when plugged' will now resume if GMMP is in the STOPPED state (previously only worked when paused)
-Playing a folder with playlist shuffle enabled will now start at a random position instead of always the first track
-Playing a folder with many files/subfolders will no longer freeze the UI while it loads
-Leaving the search view will now automatically close the keyboard
-Bookmark long tracks now defaulted to off
-Updated russian and spanish translations
-Lowered background brightness in the scanner and whats new activities

-Fixed playback of multichannel (3-6) flac files
-Fixed AAC playback in 4.1
-Fixed potential crash when enabling tasker integration
-Fixed crash when receiving intents with no data associated with them
-Caught some out of memory exceptions
-Fixed potential skip/stutter when preloading next track
-Fixed the bottom row of text getting cutoff in the 4x1 widget on ICS+
-Fixed issue where newly downloaded skins would not show up in the Skin Selector
-Fixed issue where notifications would no longer update
-Fixed bug where manual crossfade would not respond, preventing you from skiping tracks

1.3.5 (07/04/12):
-Fixed freeze when a flac or mpc file fails to play
-Fixed issue where a bad audio file will attempt to play over and over again
-Fixed crash when running out of memory during drag and drop in the playlist
-m3u8 playlist support added
-Jelly Bean(4.1) compatibility fix
-More improvements finding files from playlists made on other devices
-Added spanish translation
-Caught stackoverflow error when looking for next folder to play
-Fixed crash when android eq is not supported on device
-Improved handling of cue files that dont conform to the spec
-Widgets now work with cue files

1.3.4 (06/29/12):
-Files that have invalid metadata and read in as having 0 channels will now default to stereo
-Fixed issue where album art doesnt change when the track changes
-Added support for asus transformer external sdcard path ("/Removable/")
-Improved finding files from playlists made on other devices
-'Playlist' and 'Search' views can now be removed from the navigation bar
-Fixed issue where the playing indicator in the browser would point to the wrong song after deleting the playing track
-Handle possible exception in the ICS lockscreen
-Prev/Next folder now work when no scan folders are defined
-Fixed issues where some mp3 files would playback at a much slower rate
-Stability fixes in the audioengine

1.3.3 (06/22/12):
-Fixed bug where notification area does not hide when selecting the notification controls
-Fixed possible crash when changing tracks from remote controls
-Fixed some issues on first install
-Fixed issue where album art background would not change
-Fixed some shutdown issues
-Fixed issue where playback would stop if you changed orientation back and forth really fast
-Other stability fixes

1.3.2 (06/19/12):
-Fixed crash using black background in some skins
-Fixed crash when trying to get currently playing track
-Fixed crash updating notification controls
-Fixed crash when modifying the playlist
-Fixed case where lockscreen's orientation would not stay locked
-Updated translations
-Made some tweaks to the audioengine to increase stability
-Fixed issue with cuesheets where the track would not change when shuffle was enabled
-'Disable ICS lockscreen' preference is now only enabled on ICS and newer devices
-'Scanner -> Show Database Stats' should now be translated
-Fixed bug where pressing pause would resume playback immediately after

1.3.1 (06/15/12):
-Fix crash in the classic dark blue and classic red skins when using the lockscreen

1.3.0 (06/14/12):
New Features:
-Added ReplayGain support
-Added single file cuesheet support (.cue files)
-Added manual bookmark option to the now playing menu
-Added auto bookmarking options (Preferences -> Audio -> Bookmarks)
-Added option to remove a song from the active playlist after it is played (Prefs -> Playlist -> Remove After Played)
-Added dsp limiter with customizable attack and release settings (reduces audio distortion and clipping)
-Added EQ and Limiter toggle buttons to the equalizer view
-Added 9 new EQ presets: Bass Max, Bass & Treble, Classical, Techno, Club, Reggae, Soft, Rap, and Metal
-Notification controls added to 3.0+
-The current playing file now has a play indicator next to it in the browser view
-Added menu option 'Jump To Playing' to Browser which will jump to the folder of the playing file
-Support for album art embedded in ogg files
-Added support for album art in WMA files under the 'WM/Picture' tag
-Album artist tag is now read from MPC files
-Added option to use album art as the background (Prefs -> UI -> Album Art Background)
-Added fade in transition when changing album art
-Added 'Gallery' option to the manual album art selector.  This will let you use another app (gallery) to choose the image.
-Added option to ignore tags in the playlist view. Filename is used in the trackname slot and folder is used in the artist slot. (Prefs -> Playlist -> Ignore Tags)
-Added option to show gmmp logo as default album art. Its off by default (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Use Default Cover)
-Added option to start the browser in the folder that the playing file is in (Prefs -> Library -> Browser -> Start In Playing Folder)
-Added option to disable ICS lockscreen controls (Prefs -> General -> Lockscreen Controls -> Disable ICS Lockscreen Controls)

Improvements / Changes:
-Gesture preferences now show the selected gesture action in the summary
-Tag slot preferences now show the selected metadata tag in the summary
-Deleted files are now removed from active playlist after cleaning the database
-Removed Toggle EQ menu option and EQ Status from equalizer view
-'Browse Storage' now shows all the folders in alphabetical order
-ICS lockscreen controls (RemoteControlClient) now includes album art
-Play notifications for 2.3 and below now show Artist and Trackname on separate lines
-Album art selector will now let you delete the current image being used
-Added delete confirmation when clearing the album art cache
-Made scrolling the lists a bit smoother
-Split 'Auto Play/Pause' into 2 seperate options. One for auto pause and one for auto resume.  Both are now enabled by default.
-Added an option to change DSP priority. The DSP used the playback priority previously. Prefs -> Audio -> Dsp Priority
-Local album art search will prioritize images in this order: "cover", "folder", filename containing "front", and finally the remaining images alphabetically
-MPC decoder now uses fixed point math which significantly speeds up processing
-Tags are cached and no longer rescanned when scrolling a folder in the file browser
-Embedded art should now show up when viewing an album's track list
-Translations updated
-Default crossfade time changed from 5 seconds to 1 second
-Xiph tags are now checked when looking for album art in FLAC files
-Embedded album art images are now thumbnailed for the album list view

-Fixed preamp gain calculations (+10db will double volume, -10db will cut volume in half)
-ActionBar is now properly skinned
-Fixed crash when changing tracks with shuffle collection enabled and playback wasnt started yet
-Fixed bug on new installs where the navigation bar's skin gets changed when first opening the preferences
-Playlists with ".." in the filenames should now load properly
-Fixed issue where pressing next track twice would only change tracks once
-Fixed bug when saving/restoring state
-Fixed crash when crossfading to a file that is unplayable
-Cyan and silver skin now show the correct background instead of album art
-Save playlist and save preset edit text box is now skinned
-Fixed crash that can occur in the error log using an external skin
-Fixed delay in pausing on bluetooth disconnect on 3.0+ devices
-Fixed action bar background for main view and about view for external skins
-Fixed crash with crossfade and some mp3 files
-Fixed issue issue where libraries views dont refresh properly when viewing an album
-Fixed issue where the search text box becomes unclickable
-Fixed issue where some FLAC embedded album art would not show

1.2.7 (05/05/2012):
-Saving playlists will use the default directory if an invalid location is set for playlist storage
-Fixed some crashes when the current track isnt set properly
-View is properly restored when changing orientation after selecting an album or artist from the search activity
-Fixed various issues with files with # in the filename
-Fixed issue when trying to play a file from ES File Explorer
-Prevent track from restarting when launching GMMP from recent apps

1.2.6 (05/02/2012):
-Volume buttons will now control media volume when music is paused and GMMP is open (screen must be on)
-Added option to replace total time with time remaining in now playing (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Show Time Remaining)
-Split artist search into artist and albumartist search (Album Artist search category added)
-Album artist and song search now on by default
-Other search related improvements
-Changed default playback priority to Above Average (this might help reduce skipping in some cases)
-Changed 'Obey Audiofocus Requests' to be enabled by default
-The lockscreen player can now be unlocked by pressing the trackball
-Action bar is now hidden for the lockscreen on 3.0+
-Artist, album, and genre views now maintain their state when changing orientation
-Updated translations
-Fixed crash when selecting album art on ICS
-Fixed issue where the lockscreen would stay on top when launching GMMP from the recent app list
-Fixed bug in 3.0+ where the search results are not selectable after returning to the search view
-Fixed crash in the headset broadcast receiver
-Fixed crash in the auto file scanner

1.2.5 (04/20/2012):
-ICS Purple Skin added to the market
-Added option to preferences to download skins
-Added 'Toggle Full Screen' option to the gesture actions. The double tap action is now defaulted to it.
-'Auto Play/Pause' now works with bluetooth connect/disconnect (BLUETOOTH permission added for this)
-Changed bluetooth connection detection for auto volume adjust to use less cpu
-Added option to show time remaining instead of current position. (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Show Time Remaining)
-Added 'Artist and Track' to the possible tags to display in now playing
-Added 'Blank Line' to the possible tags to display.  This will just put an empty line in the chosen slot
-Search headers + 'delete preset' are now translated
-Tweaked widget sizes to work better on ICS (widgets may need to readded on all android versions)
-Added RemoteControlClient which should populate metadata for remote controls
-For mp3s, the scanner will now scan the TXXX tag first before TPE2 when trying to find the album artist
-Fixed actionbar for the purple ics skin
-Fixed issue with 'no repeats' option for playlist shuffle
-Fixed crash caused by changing orientation while drag and dropping songs in the playlist
-Fixed crash when refreshing one of the library lists
-Fixed issue where left/right balance was not being saved
-Fixed crash in the image selector
-Fixed issue loading skin for the scanner
-Fixed crash on music service shutdown

1.2.4 (04/05/2012):
New Features:
-Added option to restart current playing track when pressing 'Seek Back'.  This only takes effect when more than
5 seconds into the track. (Preferences -> Audio -> Restart On Seek Back)
-Added option to change tracks on selection in the playlist instead of having to long press. (Preferences -> Playlist -> Play On Select)
-Added ability to lock the screen to a specific orientation.  (Preferences -> UI -> Lock Orientation)
-Added option to the preferences to restore equalizer presets back to the defaults (Preferences -> Audio -> Equalizer -> Restore Presets)
-Added option to delete the album art cache folder (Preferences -> General -> Album Art -> Clear Cache)

Improvements / Changes:
-Audio files that report a sample rate less than 4khz in their tags, are now assumed to have correct/invalid tags. 44.1khz sample rate is used instead]
-Updated taglib to 1.7.1
-Embedded album art should now show up in the album list
-Clean database will now remove references to deleted images
-Reduced some overhead in the equalizer when everything is set to the defaults (should lower cpu usage a little)
-Made some changes to the equalizer to hopefully address the issue of the right channel sometimes becoming silent or sounding like garbage
-Improved flac decoding performance for 8bit and 24bit files
-Updated german and italian translations

-Fixed ANR when trying to play an invalid file
-Fixed some cases where skip on error doesnt work
-Fixed skin preview image showing up incorrectly when multiple skins are installed
-Fixed issue where the playback would sometimes stop on track change
-Fixed issue where end of track gets cut off when changing between 2 songs with a different samplerate or channel count
-Fixed some possible issues with "single button" remote control mode
-Fixed possible crash after editing tags

1.2.3 (03/26/2012):
-Switched delete and stop after current's position in the menu to prevent accidentally hitting delete
-Fixed crash when receiving a phone call
-Fixed crash refreshing the genre view

1.2.2 (03/23/2012):
-Major performance boost to the equalizer and audioengine
-Increased default equalizer band count to 5
-Equalizer set to on by default
-When playing a folder, it will be sorted by disc no, then track no, then filename.
-Added delete option to the now playing menu
-Added 'stop after current' to the now playing menu
-Remote/headset controls are now disabled during an incoming call
-Added option to disable fullscreen for the lockscreen (Preferences -> General -> Lockscreen Player -> Fullscreen)
-Fixed crash in SeperatedListAdapter
-Fixed crash when refreshing the list views after a preference change
-Fixed crash involving the russian translation files

1.2.1 (03/17/2012):
-Fixed force close on startup on 3.0/3.1 devices

1.2.0 (03/16/2012):
New Features:
-Added skinning system
-Added ICS holo dark skin (now default)
-Added silver skin (colorless)
-Added Dark blue skin (separate apk)
-Added album art to the album lists (Can be disabled in Preferences -> Library -> Album Library -> Show Album Art)
-Added ability to view/play all songs for a genre or artist, and all albums for a genre
-The tags in now playing are now much more customizable. There are 6 slots where you can select between 15 different tags to display.
 (Preferences->Now Playing->Displayed Tags)
-Can now choose between showing icons, text, or nothing before the tags in now playing (Preferences->Now Playing->Tag Display Style)
-Added transparent variation of the 4x4 widget
-Added quality setting for album art downloads (lower quality = smaller file size). PNG downloads ignore this setting
-Image size for the album art search is now configurable (All sizes, large, medium, small)
-Added option to download album art to album's folder (Preferences -> General -> Album Art Preferences -> Uncheck Download To Custom Location)
-Added custom searches in the manual album art downloader
-Added "What's New" view for upgrading users to list important changes

Improvements / Changes:
-Playlists button added to the nav bar
-Smoother transitions/animations for ICS
-Other UI changes to improve the look (including some changes for tablets)
-Follow .nomedia is now on by default in the scanner
-Shuffle/repeat indicator icons moved to a better location in landscape mode
-Text in now playing is now able to be translated instead of being hardcoded
-Long pressing playlist no longer brings up manage playlists + manage playlist menu option is removed
-Made widgets more transparent and made text color more readable (widgets will need to be readded)
-Added a 5 second delay to resume playback after a call ends
-Adjusted preamp settings for equalizer presets to reduce distortion
-Removed google image search (google api was deprecated)
-Album art selection view will cache images instead of redownloading them every time
-Optimized all the layouts
-Rearranged some preferences
-Genre view now has an option to switch between viewing artists and albumartists when selecting a genre
-Improved performance of the Artist, Album, Genre, Song, and Browser views
-If "NO" is selected on the initial scan popup when you first install, a scan is run using the default settings
-Rearranged the buttons to fit better in the edit path dialog
-Classic skins now use ICS style checkbox, spinners, edit text boxes, and buttons
-Playback errors are handled a bit better when the default mediaplayer is used instead of the audioengine
-Improved accuracy of album art download searches (auto and manual)
-Playlist loading will now also search the scan paths to find the file if it is having trouble finding it

-Fixed bugs causing different albums with the same name being grouped together
-Album art will redownload if image file is deleted
-Status bar is no longer accessible through the lockscreen player (its a full screen activity now)
-Fixed manual album art search on android 3.0+
-Fixed issue where some audio focus requests were not being properly handled
-Fixed scanner issue where various artist albums would show up as a separate album for each artist
-Fixed issue where folder and file info would show up incorrectly if the track had a # in its path
-Fixed issue with classic skins where the navigation bar button's backgrounds were off
-Various other minor fixes
-Fixed some ANR/crashes when changing tracks or stopping playback

1.1.17 (02/21/2012):
-Fixed bug when trying to delete files/folders with a # in the path name
-Deleting via gesture will now bring up a confirmation prompt. (Preferences->Library->Browser->Delete Without Confirmation) to disable
-Fixed crash when trying to search with no categories selected

1.1.16 (02/18/2012):
-Fixed issue where track position can get reset after being paused for a long time
-Add some minor optimizations for froyo and gingerbread
-Fixed application not responding bug that occurs once in awhile during track changes on slower devices
-Fixed missing prompt title when selecting eq presets in portrait mode
-Keyboard will now hide if still visible when making a album or artist selection in the search view
-Results from a filename search will now correctly play when selected
-Translations updated

1.1.15 (02/09/2012):
-Fixed remote/headset controls in ICS
-Fixed crash when selecting 'toggle after current' for the single button action
-Sped up multi folder album scan
-Multi folder album scanner option is now enabled by default
-Updated german translation

1.1.14 (02/06/2012):
-Fixed the multi-folder album option in the scanner (1.1.13 broke it)

1.1.13 (02/05/2012):
-Scanning a folder from the browser file will now update songs already in the database instead of skipping them
-Reduced memory usage by the scanner
-Increased scanner speed
-Added stop after current song to the gesture action list
-If shuffle playlist is on, playing an artist, album, genre, or playlist will start with a random song position instead of the first.  Playing a folder will still start with the first file found
-Fixed issue where keyboard would not show up in the search view

1.1.12 (02/03/2012):
-Fixed issue where the default sort order for an album would ignore disc number
-Fixed issue where changing tracks with crossfade and the EQ enabled would cause the rest of the playlist to skip
-Adjusted size of the equalizer preset spinner in landscape mode so it is easier to press
-Made some thread safety tweaks to the audioengine to increase stability
-Other minor bugfixes

1.1.11 (01/30/2012):
-Fixed crash in file browser
-Added option to set character encoding used to read playlist files (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc)
-Handle exception that can be thrown when populating the playlist

1.1.10 (01/29/2012):
-Improved playlist file compatibility
-Renamed Multi-Press enabled to Single Button Mode for headset remote controls
-In single button mode, actions can now be assigned to single, double, and triple clicks and
single, double, and triple 'click and hold'. (Preferences->General->Single Button Actions)
-Added delete action to gesture action list
-Rewrote the active playlist for better performance and hopefully less issues
-Made scanner changes to lock the database for less time to reduce ANRs
-Moved processing to find the next/prev folder and file to the background to prevent the UI lagging
-Moved processing of playlist files to background to prevent the UI lagging and ANRs
-Improved speed of listing files in file browser
-Renamed "enabled/disabled" for the equalizer to "on/off"
-Scan notification should now only popup once on 3.0+ devices
-Translations updated

-Fixed issue where clean database would fail if a song that was deleted was in the playlist
-Fixed crash caused by crossfading between a mono and stereo track
-Fixed some issues selecting items in the search view
-Fixed crash caused by progress bars

1.1.9 (01/22/2012):
-Added filename to the search categories
-Added option to obey audiofocus requests.  GMMP pauses on AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT and lowers volume on AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN_TRANSIENT_MAY_DUCK. (Preferences->Audio->Obey AudioFocus Requests)
-Fixed album art position in 4x1 widget
-Made slight visual improvements to all the widgets
-Fixed some situations where song transitions would not crossfade
-Album artist tags stored in the 'TXXX' id3 tag are now supported
-Added a retry count when skipping bad files (to prevent stack overflows)
-Fixed force close when skipping bad files in shuffle playlist and shuffle collection mode

1.1.8 (01/17/2012):
-Added file and folder as displayable metadata in now playing
-Search categories can now be turned on/off individually
-Added 4x1 widget
-Widgets should now update quicker after manual track changes
-Fixed itunes match support (the fix was accidentally reverted in 1.1.6)
-Fixed tags not stretching out across the whole screen in landscape mode when album art is off

1.1.7 (01/14/2012):
-Fixed stack overflow when skipping track due to errors
-Updated translations

1.1.6 (01/13/2012):
-Added option to skip to the next track when an error occurs during playback (Preferences -> Audio -> Skip On Error)
-Position in list will be used instead of track number for songs in an album if no track number is present or is 0
-The scanner will now list more paths when clicking browse storage
-Added scanner option to allow for multiple folder albums (by default a new album is created for each folder)
-If album art is disabled, the tags will take up all of now playing instead of just half
-Enabled move to sd card feature (will break widgets if used)
-Album art download location is verified before trying to save an image
-Added 2 new On Playlist Completion Actions: Play Next Folder - Plays the folder after the just finished song, and Play Next File - Plays the next file after the just finished song.  This mode will make the previous track button play the previous file.
-Disc number tag is now read in and used to correctly sort multiple disc albums. NOTE: A clean rescan is needed in order to pick up the disc number tags and the sorting options might need to be reselected in order to correctly sort
-Updated translations

1.1.5 (12/30/2011):
-Critical fix for compatibility with m4a files from iTunes match

1.1.4 (12/21/2011):
-Sorting in the file browser is now case insensitive
-Added Tasker integration.  Populates the following variables: %MTRACK %MARTIST %MALBUM %MTRACKNO
-Fixed crash when advancing to the next track with a remote control
-Fixed crash when deleting a file fails
-Fixed issue where album art would not write to disk which prevented the album art from showing in widgets
-Caught exception that can be thrown when unregistering the UIControlReceiver
-Added permission

1.1.3 (12/16/2011):
-Fixed crash that could occur when receiving a phone call
-Long press of playlist button will launch the manage playlist view
-Moved widget button handling to a background thread to hopefully reduce the amount of ANRs
-Updated german translation
-Improved recognition of storage folders for "Browse Storage" in the scanner
-Playlist edit mode is now persistent

1.1.2 (12/12/2011):
-Fixed some compatibility issues with 2.2 and 4.0 devices
-Gapless playback is now enabled by default
-Headset/remote controls are now enabled by default
-Preamp and balance now scroll with the other equalizer bands

1.1.1 (12/11/2011):
-Updated german translation
-Changed list items in artist/album/genre views to use translations
-Changed 'On Select (Playing)' preference's default value to 'play' instead of 'enqueue'
-Fixed crash when playing next/previous folder

1.1 (12/9/2011):
-Added lockscreen player (requires 2.0 or higher)
-Added search capabilities
-Added 4x4 widget
-Added custom gesture control options (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Customize Gestures)
-Long press of next or previous track buttons in now playing will move to the next or previous folder.
-Added preference to crossfade when gapless data is missing
    (Preferences -> Audio -> Crossfade -> Disable When Gapless)
-Now playing now has customizable font size and optional icons to replace the artist/album/track/genre text
    (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Font Size & Use Metadata Icons)
-Added delete option to the file browser
-Added "Delete Without Confirmation" option where you will not be prompted when deleting a file/folder
-Widget update service will now shutdown along with the music service
-Added MusicService idle timeout option (Preferences -> General -> Music Service Timeout). After 5 minutes
    of inactivity, the music service will shutdown.  NOTE: headset/bluetooth controls will not function without
    the MusicService running
-Added option to ignore the "The" prefix in artist names when sorting
    (Preferences -> Library -> Artist Library -> Ignore Prefix When Sorting)
-Added traditional back button behavior support (Preferences -> General -> Traditional Back Button)
-Added Italian and German translations
-Improved playback error handling
-Set default equalizer band count to 4

-Caught out of memory exception when trying to destroy the media controls
-Resized status icon to comply with android standards
-Fixed issue where removing current view from nav bar would cause you to get stuck on that view
-Fixed crash when the android equalizer class cannot be found
-Fixed crash when trying to play a file that doesnt exist

1.0.7 (11/29/2011):
-Fixed issue where the end of playback for a flac file can bring the device to a halt
-Fixed crash when playing mono flac files
-Fixed issue where album art would not update when going back to the previous track
-Fixed issue where the incorrect song would sometimes play next after editing the playlist
-Fixed exception on bad file path

1.0.6 (11/18/2011):
-Added m4b to supported file extensions
-Fixed crash when non numbers are entered into time select view
-Fixed detection of certain headsets being unplugged

1.0.5 (11/15/2011):
-Fixed crash in randomize playlist functionality
-Fixed crash in genre view
-Changed directory traversal code in the scanner to match the browser which will hopefully fix some scanning issues
-Fixed issue where incorrect duration was listed in now playing
-Fixed seek issue with some WMA files
-Lowered default decoder priority to above normal
-Updated translations

1.0.4 (11/10/2011):
-Filescanner will now catch and log out of memory errors
-Fixed the 2 "On Select" preferences for the browser view
-Fixed genre view so it only shows albums and songs of the genre selected instead of everything
    by the artist
-Fixed issue where using the tag editor in the playlist view on songs added from the browser would
    result in all the tags to be blank

1.0.3 (11/8/2011):
-Added email field to manual error reports so the user can be contacted about the issue
-Added /sdcard to default scan path
-Auto detect and add /sdcard-ext to default scan path if it exists
-Added preference to adjust time to skip when pressing the seek buttons (Preferences -> Audio -> Seek Time)
-Translations updated

-Fixed nullptr exception in the command broadcast receiver

1.0.2 (11/6/2011):
-Fixed case where the first played song would not start at the beginning of the track
-Fixed gapless playback for mp3 (some files would have a noticeable click during the transition)
-Improved playing folders from the browser view that have not been scanned yet

1.0.1 (11/4/2011):
-Added help button to initial trial popup
-Updated russian translation

-Caught out of memory error in widget update service
-Fixed 2x2 and 4x2 widgets only showing the control buttons
-Fixed notification not updating when manually changing tracks in shuffle collection mode
-Fixed widget not updating when the track automatically changes in shuffle collection mode

1.0 (10/28/2011):
-Added error messages when a track from a playlist is not found
-Moved widget processing to a background thread to prevent Application Not Responding issues
-Added volume control to the menu in now playing
-Added randomize feature to the playlist.  It will take your current playlist and randomize the tracklisting.

-Fixed crash when updating notification
-Fixed crash involving adding multiple files to the playlist
-Fixed widgets not updating on track change with shuffle collection enabled

0.30.2 (10/27/2011):
-Fixed crash introduced in 0.30.1

0.30.1 (10/26/2011):
-Updated russian translation
-Tweaked crossfade to reduce potential stuttering
-Fixed another crash on bad track uri

0.30 (10/25/2011):
-Added crossfade with the following settings:
    Crossfade on auto track change (time is customizable)
    Crossfade on manual track change (time is customizable)
    Only crossfade on auto track change when using shuffle
-Added option to replace repeat and shuffle buttons with seek forward/backward (like before 0.28)
-Added repeat menu option when seek buttons are visible
-Added Russian translation

-Reduced lag/stutter in playback when using other apps
-Fixed nullptr exception when track uri is invalid
-Fixed crash in local image search
-Fixed nullptr exception when launching GMMP using the VIEW intent without any data set
-Exceptions thrown by the auto volume adjust when failing to open preferences.xml are now caught
-Fixed issue where playback would not resume from last position after closing

0.29.2 (10/18/2011):
-Fixed bug where gapless data would be incorrectly read for mp3s encoded with certain versions of LAME

0.29.1 (10/17/2011):
-Changing navigation bar's landscape position should now take effect immediately
-DSP is now completely disabled if there is an error when loading instead of crashing
-Fixed crash when running out of memory when trying to load album art

0.29 (10/15/2011):
-Added support for 24bit and 8bit flac files (they are down/upsampled to 16bit however since
    the android OS doesnt support 24bit output)
-Made minor optimizations to the FLAC decoder
-Added Musepack(MPC) v7 and v8 support
-Added support for ALAC in mp4/m4a files
-Playing an artist will sort the tracks in the playlist by album then track number then filename
    instead of just by filename
-Shuffle Collection now keeps track of previously played tracks
-GMMP will now be listed as an choice to open audio files
-"About GMMP" is now its own activity instead of a dialog
-"About GMMP" will show whether you have the unlocker installed or not
-Added viewable error log (Preferences -> General -> Error Log) with the option to send the
    log to the developer along with an description of the issue
-Replaced a lot of the hardcoded text with references to strings.xml (to help with localization)
-Added high priority receiver option for headset/remote controls (turning this off should allow other
    apps to intercept the button presses before gmmp)
-Added 3 new sort options to the browser: Track Number, Track Name, and Artist.  These can be slower than the other sorts since they have to read each file's tags
-Fixed issue where some aac mp4/m4a files would not play
-Fixed potential crash when trying to play an unsupported audio file
-Fixed issue where enabling gapless option would take one track to finish before
    gapless took effect
-Fixed repeat from cutting off the end of the track
-Fixed play next on an empty playlist
-Fixed potential stack overflow in options menu
-Exception caught when android equalizer fails to load.  The android eq is then marked unsupported.

0.28.5 (10/06/2011):
-Fixed nav bar position based on orientation
-Fixed 'Play Next'
-Fixed issue where eq bars would keep moving after releasing touch
-Fixed exception involving android eq
-Fixed lists with white background issue on motoblur devices (fix confirmed this time)

0.28.4 (10/05/2011):
-Fixed immediate force close on 1.6
-eq's previous state and presets should load now

0.28.3 (10/05/2011):
-Added option to turn on/off colored icons in quicknavbar
-Renamed "quicknavbar" to just "navigation bar" in preferences
-Split navigation bar location preference into portrait and landscape

-Fixed nullpointer exception in scanner path dialog
-Fixed folders not playing on long press->play when "Queue Album On Song Play" is enabled
-Fixed issues in the playlist when using "Queue Album On Song Play"
-Fixed issue where playing a folder would add files to the playlist but not start playback

0.28.2 (10/04/2011):
-Removed redundancy in all the layout xml files
-Changed look of the quicknavbar to fit the rest of the theme a bit better
-Changed look of the spinner in the eq to fit the rest of the theme
-Removed album name and year from an album's track list items (that info is in the list header)
-Removed sorting by year in an album's tracklisting

-Fixed white background issue in lists on devices with Motoblur
-Fixed issue where album art would not show if you disabled album art then reenabled it

0.28.1 (10/02/2011):
-Fixed embedded album art not working properly in widgets
-Fixed crash on audio files with sample rates less than 4khz
-Fixed issue where album art would not display in now playing

0.28 (10/02/2011):
-Replaced media controls
-Added gmmp logo as default album art
-New landscape layout for now playing
-Unified the icon colors
-General UI tweaks to improve performance and looks
-Added repeat functionality
-Changed default background in now playing (you can set it back to black in preferences)
-Changed "Queue Album On Song Press" default value to true
-Changed "Album Art Scale Type" to Fit Center
-Changed now playing to not reload album art during a track change if the image does not change
-Added support for full version unlocker
-Added handling for sdcards that use the path /sdcard-ext/ instead of /sdcard/

-Fixed crash when deleting an eq preset
-Fixed nullptr exception in command receiver
-Fixed nullptr exception in WidgetUpdateService
-Fixed crash when trying to play a track with a sample rate greater than 48khz which is not yet supported

0.27.3 (09/28/2011):
-Renamed "Single Button Support" preference to Multi-Press Enabled
-If Multi-Press is not enabled, a long press will advance to next track
-Headset controls respond to "HeadsetHook" instead of "Play/Pause" for multi-press
    and long press.  HeadsetHook is what single button headset controls typically send
-Other various minor fixes

0.27.2 (09/27/2011):
-Added new title bar with a button to toggle on/off the quick nav bar.
-More widget loading optimizations

-Fixed crash on startup when trying to read invalid dsp presets
-Added extra exception handling for unsupported parameters in the android eq
-Added recursion limit to the filescanner to prevent infinite recursion
-Fixed album art in widget and song view from loading full size instead of
    scaled down thumbnail size

0.27.1 (09/25/2011):
-Added 4x2 widget and adjusted font color of existing widgets
-Pressing the album art on 4x2 and 2x2 widgets will launch gmmp
-Renamed "Enable Bluetooth Controls" to "Enable Headset Controls"
-Single Button Support option added to headset controls which does the following:
    Pause/Play on single press, Next Track on double press, Prev Track on triple press
-Added permission android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS in order to check
    if bluetooth audio is connected
-Filescanner will now remove missing files and empty artists/albums/genres after
-Library sorting is now case insensitive (you may have to change the sort option for
    this to take effect)
-Fixed random nullptr exception when the media controls try to update
-Fixed auto volume adjust for bluetooth
-Fixed crash setting up the auto scan
-Caught out of memory exception when creating a quicknavbutton
-Capped the max buffer size for an audio track (sizes were getting close to 1meg while
    connected via bluetooth.  That large of a size is not needed)
-Fixed album art from unnecessarily loading multiple times for the widgets

0.27 (09/23/2011):
-Standardized the UI style so all devices should see the same thing
-Other various UI improvements

-Fixed nullptr exception in equalizer view
-Properly handle out of memory exceptions when trying to extract album art from tags
-Fixed crashing on a bad/unsupported audio file (showed up as 0hz samplerate)
-Added failsafe for browser list views not loading due to out of memory exceptions
-Hitting back button on playlist view will now return to now playing
-Previously saved playlists will now be picked up by the file scan

0.26.4 (09/21/2011):
-Exit option will no longer prompt you to confirm
-Reset option added to EQ view
-Added "ignore albumartist tag" to the scanner

-Fixed music service from reverting to a background service after an orientation change
-Clearing the playlist will now properly clear the now playing screen if needed
-Music service should now always properly shutdown when exiting
-Fixed WidgetUpdateService from starting when it shouldnt

0.26.3 (09/20/2011):
-Added preference to keep notification up when paused.
    Preferences->General->Show When Paused (defaults to off)
-Notification no longer flashes a ticker saying the music service is running
-When playback is stopped (playlist ended or gmmp is first started) the 'Play Next'
    option will add the selection to the playlist and immediately start playing it
-Added 2 additional options to the On Playlist Completion preference
    -Play Random Album: Picks a random album and plays it
    -Play Rest Of Album: Takes the last track in the current playlist, and plays
    the rest of that tracks album
-Exit should remove notification now
-Fixed crash when selecting play next with an empty playlist

0.26.2 (09/18/11):
-Fixed nullpointer exception when all the optional quick nav buttons are disabled

0.26.1 (09/18/11):
-EQ button will now only show up if eq is supported
-Tag editor context menu option now only shows up for valid audio files

-Fixed crash on startup if eq is not supported
-Compatibility view now correctly shows if eq is supported
-Fixed nullpointer exception in file browser
-Properly handle invalid input into the time select dialog
-Fixed crash when closing the main view
-Fixed crash in tag editor
-Fixed other various crashes

0.26 (09/17/11):
Initial Beta Release

-Added gesture support to now playing (right fling = prev, left fling = next)
    (Preferences->Now Playing->Enable Gestures)
-Added option to reverse gesture directions (Preferences->Now Playing->Reverse Direction)
-Switched auto album art download service from google to bing
-Slightly modified the look of NowPlaying
-Added option to choose album art scaling and positioning (Preferences->Now Playing->Album Art Scale Type)
-Added "No Repeat" option for playlist shuffle that will prevent a track from repeating until every
    track in the playlist has been played or the playlist is modified. (Defaulted on)
-Added transition animations when switching between views
-The user is now prompted to scan for music during the first run after install
-Added auto scan option for periodic scanning (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->Auto Scan)
-Added clean database option to remove missing files (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->Clean Database)
-Improved playlist management:
    -Scanner will find playlists and store them in a database
    -The playlist view now has a "Manage Playlists" option which brings up another view showing every playlist
    -From this new view you can play, play next, enqueue, save to, or delete the playlist
-Added option to view album info when viewing an albums song list.  Artist, Album, Year, and Album Art will show
    above the song list (Preferences->Library->Song Library->Show Album Info)
-Added 2x1 widget with basic playback controls and 2x2 widget with song info and album art
-Changed around some of the default preferences to help out new users
-Added help button in preferences which links to the gmmp website
-Removed "scan filename only" checkbox in the scanner
-Album art file locations now stored in database during file scan

-Fixed crash when pressing the delete option in the playlist and no playlists existed
-Fixed potential memory leaks in the MusicService
-Fixed bug where pressing next/prev track while paused would not change tracks
-Fixed bug where the last song in a playlist would stop slightly before the end
-Fixed crash restoring browser state

0.25.1: (09/06/11)
-Moved File Browser preferences to a subcategory of Library preferences
-Added "Quick Return" option that turns the quicknavbar button of the active view into a shortcut
    to return to the root list (ie: in Genre view if you are navigated to Genre->Artist->Album, the
    genre button returns back to the root Genre list).  This works for the artist, album, genre, and browser
-Shuffle selection dialog now shows current shuffle mode
-Shuffle mode is now persisted
-Added support for loading .pls playlist files
-Added support for loading .wpl playlist files

-Renaming a genre to an already existing genre will merge the two instead of creating 2 identical genres
-Fixed crash when "Editing Tags" is on screen and gmmp is minimized
-Fixed shuffle playlist from picking the same song twice in a row
-Previous track button works correctly in shuffle playlist mode
-Fixed eq band and quality preferences from being disabled
-Fixed exception thrown by tag editor

0.25: (09/04/11)
-Added drag and drop edit mode to the playlist
-Added tag editor
-Added "Always Keep Device Awake" option
-Added "Jump to Time" option to NowPlaying
-Added auto volume adjust when switching between speakers, wired headset, and bluetooth
    -2 modes: use defaults & restored last used
-Added MP3 and AAC gapless and EQ support for 2.3+
-Slightly improved scanning speed
-Scanner will now pick up songs with invalid tags.  Unknown fields are populated with "Unknown"
    and the filename is used for the track name
-"Scan" context menu added to folders in the browser view
-Option to scan folder while viewing it in the browser view
-Album art auto download now uses album artist to search instead of artist

-Fixed issue where playing tracks using the playlist would not start the track at 0:00
-Fixed crash in browser view when using the context menu
-Album view will show the album artist if present for various artist albums instead of "various"
-Disabled context menu for back arrow in browser view
-Fixed default song view sort order
-Saved position in current track is now reset if next or prev track button is pressed
-Possibly fixed issue where gmmp wouldn't fully close when the Exit option was selected
-Sort options for all songs and an album's song are now independent
-Sort options for all albums and an artist's albums are now independent
-Audioengine: Fixed potential crash during track change
-Fixed inaccuracy in artist stats

0.24.1: (08/15/11)
-Plus/minus buttons on the eq will now keep incrementing if you hold it in

-Corrected artist and album counts in db stats
-Fixed gradient on horizontal seek bar in EQ

0.24: (08/12/11)
-Library: Album artist support (Menu -> Artists/Album Artists to toggle in artist view)
-Library: Added sorting options for the artist, album, genre, and song views
-Playlist: Added option to delete playlist
-Music Service: Playback position is now saved when exiting and restored when gmmp is opened again.
-Browser: Made visual improvements to the browser view
-Browser: Files in the browser will now have their tags scanned by default so "artist - trackname"
            is displayed instead of filename(with a preference to turn it off)
-EQ: Added plus and minus buttons to the EQ bands for more precise control
-EQ: Added left/right balance control to the equalizer view
-EQ: Added a landscape layout with vertical bars
-EQ: Added an extra column in the compatibility view for EQ
-EQ: Added built in presets: Rock, Dance, Pop, Live, High Boost, Mid Boost, and Bass Boost
-UI: UI preference section added
-UI: Enabled Views preference add to UI section allowing you to customize which
        views show up on the quicknavbar
-UI: QuickNavBar position preference moved to UI section
-UI: Added preference to set which tags show in now playing (artist/track/album/genre)
-UI: Moved scan and about options to preferences
-Scanner: Scanner options are now persisted and "format album/artist tags" is off by default
-Scanner: Added database statistics that show total songs/albums/artists etc.
            (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->DB Stats)

-Fixed incorrect tracks found being reported after a scan
-Folders will be listed before files in the browser
-Fixed issue where playback could stop if you toggled eq on/off
-Fixed bug where album art wouldn't download if albumart directory didnt exist

0.23: (08/01/11)
-Added customizable 2-10 band equalizer with a preamp and 3 dsp filters to choose from
    for the EQ.
-Equalizer preferences added (Preferences -> Audio -> Equalizer)
    -Number of Bands: Choose from 2-10 eq bands
    -Quality:  Default = RBJ Biquad Filter, High = 1st-Order Butterworth Filter,
        Very High = 2nd-Order Butterworth Filter
-Added the ability to save, load, and delete custom EQ presets
-Added new launcher and status icon (reinstall/reboot might be needed to see new launcher icon)
-Shuffle mode option added to Now Playing view (Shuffle Off, Shuffle Playlist, Shuffle Collection)
-Optimized a lot of the audio processing code
-Changed Above Normal priority from -2 to -3 in order to be higher than the UI thread
-Increased default decoding priority to Above Normal

-Fixed issue where metadata was not read from tags when "get metadata from library"
    preference was not checked
-Fixed possible crash when resuming playlist activity

0.22.2: (07/26/11)
-Fixed issue where playlist would not save correctly

0.22.1: (07/23/11)
-Fixed some force closes when some activities get destroyed
-Background tasks get canceled if not complete when an activity gets destroyed
-Fixed saving of playlists when the playlist directory hasnt been created yet

0.22: (07/20/11)
-Renamed native libraries with a gm_ prefix to prevent conflicts with
    system libraries already on the device
-Added bluetooth controls (Play/Pause/Next/Prev/FFwd/Rwd)
-M3U playlist files are now supported in the file browser
-Save/Load playlist options added in playlist view
-"Playlist Storage Path" option added (Preferences->Playlist->Playlist Storage Path)
-Added an exit option to shutdown the background MusicService and close out of gmmp
-Added track time and number in playlist to list items in playlist view
-Added option to word wrap track name in playlist
-Added "format album/artist tags" option to the filescanner, this will make the album
    and artist tags propercase ie: "a dAy To rEmember" will format to "A Day To Remember"

0.21.1: (7/15/11)
-Caught exception thrown in the compatability view if the audioengine doesnt properly load
-Properly handle errors that occur in the audioengine library
-Improved memory usage and stability
-Audioengine: fixed bug that prevented the decoders and file readers from being
    properly cleaned up causing a major memory leak

0.21: (7/12/11)
-Updated error reporting library to ACRA 4.2.3
-Added additional error reporting options: Always Accept, Include System Logs, and Include Device Id
-Added new icons for the quick nav bar and file browser
-Browser view will fall back to the external storage path as a default if no other paths are found
-Playback will pause when receiving a phone call
-Preference added to resume playback after ending a phone call (Preferences->General->Resume On Call End)
-READ_PHONE_STATE permission added (for pausing playback when a phone call is received)
-Added support for embedded album art for mp3, flac, wma, mp4/m4a, and anything else using id3v2 tags
-Added statistics to the genre view (artist count, album count, track count)
-Added filetype compatibility check on startup.
-Added compatibility view which will show playback and gapless support of each filetype
    (Preferences->Audio->Show Compatibility)
-Audioengine: Added support for songs with a single channel (mono) and sample rates other than 44.1hz (8khz-48khz)
-Audioengine: Playback Thread priority is now configurable (Preferences->Audio->Playback Priority)
-Removed armeabi-v7 versions of the native libraries.  The apk should be half the size now.

-Audioengine: fixed crash from race condition when playback ends and starts
    again immediately (play random on playlist completion)
-Audioengine: fixed another crash from a race condition when starting playback on a file
-Audioengine: Fixed major memory leak when seeking mp3 or aac
-Fixed crash in browser view if there are no folders/files
-Fixed track notification not updating if you select a new track to play
-Fixed some memory leaks in all of the activity classes
-Fixed crash in browser when trying to sort folders by filetype

0.20.1 (07/03/11):
-Fixed crash caused by updating notification when the next track has bad tags or doesnt exist
-Fixed scrobbling when using gapless playback

0.20 (06/28/11):
-Gapless playback supported (disabled by default due to potential higher cpu usage)
-Added ability to preload next track to eliminate the pause during track changes
    (incidentally this creates gapless playback for formats like ogg)
-Audioengine: Raised default priority of playback thread THREAD_PRIORITY_URGENT_AUDIO
-Audioengine: Lowered CPU/Memory usage for audioengine playback
-Added audioengine preferences for decode thread priority, playback buffersize,
    gapless playback, and preload next track time
-Updated notification to show the current track instead of "service started"
-File scanner will ignore files with unreadable tags
-Queue Album On Song Play Action option now works with the browser view
-New formats supported: Wavpack (wv) and windows media audio (wma)

-Stop is called when the end of a playlist is reached (and loop/random is disabled)
-Fixed playlist bug if you had the same track in the playlist multiple times
-Audioengine: Cleanup audiotrack properly when stopping
-Audioengine: Fixed some minor seeking issues
-Audioengine: Fixed crash when stopping playback
-Caught exception for when fails to load.  gmmp will still work, but
    functionality may be limited (extra audio formats + gapless)

0.19.1 (06/20/11):
-Fixed AAC reader to recognize end of file instead of endlessly looping
-Properly registers audioengine native functions to prevent possible force
    close on startup
-Fixed crash when adding folders to the playlist in browser view
-Tracks are now added/enqueued in the correct order when using the browser view

0.19 (06/20/11):
-Added new underlying audioengine to handle the reading/decoding/playback
-Added full support for FLAC, monkey's audio (APE), and trueaudio (TTA)
-Album art finder checks local directory before it tries to download the art
-"Only scan new files" option for the scanner will now skip reading files that
    already exist in the database instead of reading tags and not updating the db
-Very large album art images are now downsampled to save on memory and to ensure
    they load properly
-Deleting the database when scanning will also clear the playlist
-Added clear playlist menu option
-Added license info for FFmpeg, libFLAC, and OpenCORE

-Fixed crash when image download fails
-Fixed duplicate entries when rescanning
-Fixed playlist view to update when a random song is played at the end of the playlist
-Fixed crash when artist had an ' in their name
-Music service will now become a foreground service again if playback is resumed
    by plugging in a headset
-Fixed the reading of m4a tags

0.18: (05/29/11)
-Added .m4a to the list of supported filetypes
-Added .jpeg to the list of supported image filetypes
-Added new permission "android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY"
-Improved headset auto play/pause
-Added "Loop Playlist" as a selection for (Playlist->On Playlist Completion) preference
-New Preference (General->Headset Preferences->Prevent Sleep): Lets you set how long
    the device should stay active to wait for a headset to be plugged back in
-New Preference (Library->Song Actions->Queue Album On Song Play Action): When playing
    a single song, add the rest of the album to the playlist

-Catch OutOfMemoryError when loading an image too large to prevent a force close
-Non default wake modes will no longer let the device sleep when pressing the
    power button during playback
-Fixed issue where playback would stop when turning the screen back on
-Fixed bug causing track to play back twice at the same time
-Fixed crash involving an illegal state in a ListView

0.17: (05/22/11)
-Improved file scan speed
-Scan notification updates to show # of tracks found while scanning
-Album art autodownloader will try another image if the first attempt fails
-If album art download cannot find anything or is turned off, the track's folder
    is scanned for images to use for album art
-The local cache is checked for album art before attempting to auto download

-Fixed issues with the database being locked causing a crash while scanning
-Fixed issue where an album download timeout/error causes the now playing ui
    to stop updating for awhile

0.16: (05/20/11)
-Updated Now Playing view to show album art and changed the metadata display
-Added option to automatically download album art
-Added manual album art selection that will look for album art using the following:
    - Local Folder
    - Bing Image Search
    - Google Image Search
-Added option to save images as PNG or JPG

0.15: (05/14/11)
-Added album count and track count to artist view
-Added year, track count, and album duration to album view
-Added track number, track duration, album, and year to song view
-Added preferences to hide/show extra stats mentioned above
-Moved most of data querying to a background thread to not lag the UI

-Fixed MusicService crash on null intent
-Fixed crash on track change when the playlist view appears empty
-Fixed issue where album year was not being scanned in
-Catches sql exception caused by a locked database to prevent force close

0.14: (05/07/11)
-Added crash reporting (acra 3.1.2)
-Changed music service to switch to a background service if paused when closing
-Auto Resume When Plugged preference added
-Added button to show folder list of external storage to make setting up a scan easier

-Scanner should properly scan entire folder
-Fixed crash involving headset wakelock
-Fixed back button handling on os 2.2+
-Fixed crash in file browser if you pressed back button at the root
-Fixed issue where some devices report a different state value when headset is plugged in

0.13: (05/04/11)
-MusicService changed to a Foreground Service
-MusicService now uses PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK at minimum during playback
-FileScanner uses PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK during scans
-Added preference to set WakeLock mode during playback
-Scanner sends notifications for start and completion
-Refresh options menu option added for artist/album/genre/song that will requery the library
-Added preference use the volume buttons to go to next/prev track (Only works when screen is on)
-Added preference to use the power button to pause/play (Only works when screen is on && not on all devices)
-All views (besides now playing) will return to now playing view when the back button is pressed
-Preference for automatic pause/play on headset plug/unplug

-Menu shows up in the artist/album/genre/song views
-Fixed issue where you couldnt delete the database without a scanpath added
-Scanner was ignoring files who's extension was not all lowercase

0.12 (05/02/11):
-Added scrobbler support (Simple LastFM Scrobbler & Scrobble Droid)
-Added persistence to the UI/Navigation

0.11 (04/30/11):
-Initial Alpha Release