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3.3.14 released and on sale for black friday (1.99 USD)

The GMMP unlocker is on sale for 1.99 through 11/27 Themed Icon 3.3.14 (2022/11/21): -Added themed app icon for Android 13+ -Updated google cast sdk to 21.2.0 -gonemad.gmmp.command.PLAY_FILE,PLAY_FILE_NEXT, and ENQUEUE_FILE now work with folders and spl files Jump to folder when using tab navigation will now correctly go to the folder tab 3.3.13 (2022/09/20): Folder select list items will now wrap long paths into multiple lines 3.3.12 (2022/09/14): Made sdcards a bit more discoverable in the folder chooser dialog Added 'On Select' settings for playlists (Advanced Settings -> Library -> Playlist) MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE, MEDIA_PLAY, and MEDIA_PAUSE should now work with the remote control overrides Fixed scrobbler / playstate when changing tracks while stopped/paused Fixed some issues saving smart playlists with illegal filename characters in it's name
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3.3.9 - 3.3.11

3.3.9 (2022/07/30): Fixed issue with multi disc albums being split Fixed issue with the scanner not reading the rating of tagless files Fixed crash caused by invalid Soundcheck tags Fixed crash caused by non numbers used in number smart playlist fields  3.3.10 (2022/08/09): Added fallback decoders for ogg vorbis, opus, and flac Some minor ADTS / raw aac improvements 3.3.11 (2022/08/23): Fixed artist, albumartist, and composer play sort order to use the album list sort order Albumartist is now correctly set in the active mediasession for the playing track Fixed crash when trying to read empty Soundcheck tags Playlist details sort order "None" with "Desc" enabled will reverse the playlist order Fixed crash related to casting

3.3 Full Release

3.3 is not the most glamourous update, but it should still be a significant improvement over 3.2.x.  For this release I had 3 main focuses.  Updating to target android 12 (play store requirement), update the audioengine with the latest ffmpeg version, and bug fixes.  GMMP was fortunately approved by google to be able to use the newer "Manage External Storage" permission, so this update completely avoids scoped storage. More info on the permission here .  Once updated to android 12 and the engine updated to ffmpeg 5.0, my focus turned to fixing the long list of issues that have built up over the last few years on trello.  3.3 includes roughly 50 fixes (many very significant for some users).   I will likely still focus on mostly fixing bugs / stability for the time being while I also work on some other projects (the new audioengine, my Android TV app QuasiTV , and another currently undisclosed project). The rollout on google play will take a day or 2.  3.3 will be uploaded to a

3.3.5 - 3.3.7 Beta

3.3.7 should be the last update until 3.3.x goes full release to the public.  I will do a more detailed post when that happens. 3.3.7 (2022/07/12): Fixes: OpenSL decoder is now used as a fallback when main decoder fails to open a file Finally fixed android 11+ media notifications showing the previous track info on some devices Fixed some smart playlist issues with files with multiple genres or multiple artists Reduce number of extra db queries in some views List items now display correctly after custom metadata is changed without having to reload the UI Only first artist of a multi artist track will now be used for scrobbling Fixed now playing layout 1 status bar color in landscape Fixed now playing album art / blur background not taking up the full screen on some devices Fixed rare fdsan crash 3.3.6 (2022/06/22) New: Added media actions to Year Details View toolbar menu Fixes: More mediasession metadata updater tweaks Handle case where playing info doesnt update on tracks with no genr

3.3.4 Beta

I just pushed another update with some more fixes.  A bunch of the issues were ones that I found myself and were not reported.  If you do experience any issues be sure to report on the forums / reddit / discord / email.  Nowadays I am mostly listening to music on shuffle so its easy to miss things that break. There should be 2-3 more updates until 3.3.x gets a full release to the public 3.3.4 (2022/05/11) New: Reshuffle queue after completion if 'loop queue' or 'repeat queue' is enabled with shuffle Adjusted location of toolbar in fullscreen mode Fixes:  Fixed extra unneeded folder from being created on storage Scanner will now correctly populate Date Added for files with no tags Fixed On Queue Completion when last track is part of a cue Fixed On Queue Completion -> Auto DJ and Album Shuffle options Fixed status bar size on some devices with notches Fixed now playing layout changes not applying immediately Case only tag changes are now reflected in genre, artist, alb

3.3.3 Beta

Recent changelogs 3.3.3 (2022/04/20): Improved folder view list positioning when using jump to folder Artist art search should now correctly find artist images in album folders set allowBackup to false due to it causing crashing Show Info will not work on files not scanned into database Potential fix for crash when batch tagging large numbers of files Folder view should now refresh correctly after tag edits 3.3.2 (2022/04/05): -Fixed sleep timer on android 12+(requires SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission) -Fixed discovery of Musixmatch and QuickLyric on Android 11+ -Fixed opening folder select dialog 3.3.1 (2022/03/21): Catch exception thrown when Android 12+ kills/restarts the MusicService while idle Catch exception thrown on Android 12+ when scanner is ran in the background