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Google really messed with alarms and timers for android 14, so 3.4.14 should fix the sleep timer.  You will notice an alarm will show up in your alarms menu when the sleep timer is turned on.  This is the only way to actually get the sleep timer to reliably stop playback on time when your screen is off / phone locked. 3.4.14 (2024-05-17): Sleep timer should now be more reliable on android 14+ 3.4.13 (2024-04-29) Fixed metadata view incorrect sizing in now playing layout 1 3.4.12 (2024-04-23) Updated translations Fixed issues with left and right metadata alignment when no album art Multi artist/genre/composers should now be separated by a comma and space throughout GMMP 3.4.11 (2024-04-16) Added ability to choose whether to crop album art to 1:1 aspect ratio in now playing layout 2 (customize -> album art -> crop to fit) Fixed now playing tab 1:1 aspect ratio album art getting cropped Album art preview pop up should no longer crop art 3.4.10 (2024-03-31) Fixed auto bookmark length
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More fixes.  Check out discord for info on the 3.5 alpha. 3.4.9 (2024-02-14): Fixed tab navigation returning to the wrong view on screen orientation change Fixed queue not being focused on the playing track sometimes while using tab navigation 3.4.8 (2023-12-21): Fixed backup/restore intent receiver not working with IAP unlock Fixed crash sorting playlist contents

3.4.6 - 3.4.7

3.4.7 is currently in review and should be available in the next day or 2 Changelogs: 3.4.6 (2023-10-11): Improved track duration accuracy in now playing / mini player 3.4.7 (2023-11-16): Fixed folder view jumping to playing folder after screen rotation Fixed sorting by album when viewing playlist contents Fixed manual playlist saving after only changing sort order Smart playlists now sorted by name in Android Auto Updated translations

3.4.5 Release / Preview of 3.5

3.4.5 was just uploaded to google play and should be rolling out over the next few days. Changelog: 3.4.5 (2023-08-29): Added Dutch translation Fixed crash editing rules in rule groups Disable IAP donation options if Full Version Unlock has not been purchased to prevent confusion Other changes since 3.4.0: Added Finnish translation and updated other translations Added donation options to the purchase settings area Fixed crash when trying to bookmark / unbookmark currently playing song Fixed Finnish not showing up in the language select Fixed other various crashes Fixed issue where rating or editing tags could potentially split the album Fixed some of the lists/grids not refreshing after changes 3.5 Preview I've been working on some new UI options planned for 3.5.  So far I've finished a new gradient background option for now playing.  There are 2 different styles (linear / radial) with 2 different color sources for each.  One source will take from the theme colors, the other st


Plans for 3.4 changed a bit when google announced they will be hiding apps on newer versions of android if they dont target the newer sdks.  GMMP always tries to target one of the more recent versions of android, but the unlocker has no need for that since its essentially just a license key.  As of May 1st the unlocker will be hidden on newer versions of android to those who have not already purchased.  Because of this, the focus of 3.4 was to get in app purchases working to allow users to buy the full version after May 1st.  There is a new 'Purchase' section in the settings where the unlocker can now be purchased. One other change in 3.4 is the support for the Android 13+ media controls.  They changed around how to customize them, so that is reflected in a new 'Media Controls' section of the settings. The language can also be changed for just GMMP via the system settings The changelog itself is fairly small but I did a large update of all the libraries / dependencies t

3.3.12 - 3.3.17

It has been awhile since the last update mostly due to life getting in the way and working on some other projects, but rest assured that I am still active in supporting GMMP.  3.3.17 should be the last update before I start working on 3.4 later this month.  3.4 will mostly focus on updating ffmpeg and the other libraries, but I will also add a 3rd now playing layout. 3.3.17 should be rolling out on amazon and google play over the next few days. Changelogs since the last post: 3.3.17 (2022-03-04): Playlist details will now persist sort order when 'auto save' is disabled %naa% should now populate with album artist instead of artist 'Stop after every track' will no longer start auto crossfading into the next track before stopping 3.3.16 (2022-12-21): Added BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission (Nearby Devices) for BT auto resume on android 12+ 3.3.15 (2022-12-03): Fixed gonemad.gmmp.PLAY_FILE_NEXT and ENQUEUE_FILE playing the file instead of play next/enqueue Fixed issue playing fo

3.3.14 released and on sale for black friday (1.99 USD)

The GMMP unlocker is on sale for 1.99 through 11/27 Themed Icon 3.3.14 (2022/11/21): -Added themed app icon for Android 13+ -Updated google cast sdk to 21.2.0 -gonemad.gmmp.command.PLAY_FILE,PLAY_FILE_NEXT, and ENQUEUE_FILE now work with folders and spl files Jump to folder when using tab navigation will now correctly go to the folder tab 3.3.13 (2022/09/20): Folder select list items will now wrap long paths into multiple lines 3.3.12 (2022/09/14): Made sdcards a bit more discoverable in the folder chooser dialog Added 'On Select' settings for playlists (Advanced Settings -> Library -> Playlist) MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE, MEDIA_PLAY, and MEDIA_PAUSE should now work with the remote control overrides Fixed scrobbler / playstate when changing tracks while stopped/paused Fixed some issues saving smart playlists with illegal filename characters in it's name