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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.14

Pushed another update.  Starting with a 20% rollout on google play.  Amazon will be updated in a few days once the roll out is finished. 3.0.14 (2021/04/08): New: Added multi-select remove to queue and playlist details Updated translations Associated album art will now show up in the manual artist art search Fixes: Fixed issue where cue tracks would get removed from library when cleaning the database Fixed various edit text UI elements text color Scrobbling multiple artist tracks will now be semi-colon delimited instead of comma delimited Album art fallback for artist art should now work again for auto searches
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Fixes + 50% off sale

GoneMAD Music Player Unlocker is on sale for 50% off from April 2nd through April 9th.  The actual sale start / end time depends on your time zone. The sale will be both on Google Play and Amazon 10 years ago I started developing GoneMAD Music Player, so this sale is to celebrate that.   Here is a look back on my first post . 3.0.11 - 3.0.13 (2021/04/01): Fixes: Fixed issues with the initial auto download of artwork Newly scanned files after initial scan should now show up in recently added Fixed bad list scrolling visual side effect on android 9 and earlier Reverted android build tools again

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.10

Besides critical fixes, updates for now should be on a monthly basis.  This update is rolling out to 20% of the users to start and then will go to every assuming there are no issues. 3.0.10 (2021/03/28): New:    Updated transition library Made default theme accent color slightly brighter Clean database will now delete duplicate entries (by filename) Navigation drawer can now be accessed from all views besides now playing using the left edge swipe Integrated in app review api Added vol up/down remote control actions Stop button should now default to paused if remote control overrides are not enabled Added ability to change lyrics size Updated translations Fixes: Removed unnecessary calls to theme navigation bar Scanner should now be able to handle folders with large amounts of files Deleting database should now unload the currently loaded track Casting will now follow the "prefer embedded art" setting mp4 and 3gp will not be scanned in instead of scanning and removing at the e

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.9

3.0.9 (2021/02/28) New: Added ability to add a new empty playlist from the playlist view Fixes: Clear queue will now erase entire queue if paused/stopped Removing last track in queue will reset playing info and album art to blank Fixed recents screen app icon Fixed recents screen taskbar color Remove after played can now empty the queue if only one track remains' Dont cache blank/invalid tags More potential fixes for scanning files transfered over wifi Fixes related to playing files not already scanned into the library Improved scanner performance and memory usage Fixed finding artist art in the local folder when the music is initially scanned in Fixed jump to playing folder Fixed some of the later remote control actions not being selected correctly

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.8

New: Added volume up/down now playing buttons and gesture actions Updated translations Fixes: The sdcard should now be visible using the folder chooser popup in 'edit scan paths' Try to prevent scanning files while they are being written to prevent blank tags Only clean missing files on mounted storage locations .nomedia files located in the root of a scan path are now ignored Fixed issue where large playlists with relative paths would not play Improved performance playing large playlists with relative paths Fixed playlist list action mode options Fixed bug in scanner that would cause some paths to not be scanned Fixed crash parsing image url

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.6

Note: 3.0.6 broke the back button in the folder view.  I pushed 3.0.7 fixing that which make take a bit to get approved.  Sorry! Folder view is now available as a tab. I also added some filename based presets to the browser. There were a lot of complaints about the 4x1 widget not being resizable vertically so a second 4x1 (listed as GMMP Resize 4x1) widget was added that you can resize.  The original reasoning behind not allowing resizing was because it scaled horribly, but I was able to fix up the layout so it scales decent (but still looks ugly on some devices which is why its a separate widget).  There are also some larger texted presets available for the 4x1 (shown in the 3rd widget below). 3.0.6 (2021/02/12): New: Added a few filename based presets to song display metadata (under minimalistic) Added folder view as a library tab option Replaced custom metadata creator icon Added help button to metadata creator ui Added 4x1 widget that can resize vertically (GMMP Resize 4x1) Added l